Harbour City; Sydney, Australia

This will come as a shock to many who know me, but I have only ever visited Sydney once before in my life. I know! Despite only ever being at most 1.5 hours flight away, Sydney and the rest of New South Wales was somewhere I hadn’t visited since I was a child. But when I heard the Aladdin Musical  was coming to Sydney town, I knew that I would have to make a trip down South. Luckily, my travel buddy Angela was just as keen on the idea, so our Sydney trip was quickly upon us earlier this month.


Sydney Harbour Bridge. 2016. Photo Credit: K.Allan

I love seeing all the touristy sites as well as discovering some local hang outs, so here are 7 things you must do when visiting Sydney:-

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Uluru; The Red Centre

For many people, Uluru (or Ayers Rock) is an iconic landmark in Australia drawing thousands of people to the centre of our country every year. What most people don’t realise, is that there is plenty to do out at Uluru that I was struggling to fit it all in over the 4 days I was there.

IMG_1896 - Version 2

My first glimpse of Uluru/Ayers Rock/That big rock in the middle of nowhere. 2016. Photo Credit: K.Allan

Many people head to Uluru to climb the rock; what they don’t realise is that whilst not illegal to do so, it is somewhat frowned upon by the local Anangu Aboriginal people and many who have taken the time to learn about the cultural significance and history of Uluru choose not to climb out of respect and knowledge. Not to mention the environmental impacts on the surrounds of Uluru and the few fatalities that have happened over time at Uluru as well. I’m not here to persuade you whether or not you should climb Uluru (although I personally, chose not to), I am here to share with you some other options of things to do whilst visiting Uluru:-

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Deciding To See More Of My Own Backyard; Uluru

I am the first to admit that as an Australian, I have seen more of the countries, natural phenomenons and incredible landmarks and must see’s that are oceans away from Australia than I have of my own backyard and this, until recently, sat okay with me.
But then I thought about it…

Why do I happily spend loads of money (or in some cases little money) to venture over oceans to completely new continents, when some of the most beautiful natural phenomenons or amazing landmarks can be found right here in Australia?

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Monday Adventure – Natural Bridge, Gold Coast

Working in retail as my current full-time occupation I have 2 days off from work a week, which for me are a Sunday and Monday. Luckily, my previous travel buddy and good friend Emma also has the same work roster as me so Monday’s have quickly and easily become our catch up day. But this particular Monday we didn’t want to do our usual coffee/lunch/catch up date. We were both seeking something a little more. We wanted an adventure! 

IMG_6774 - Version 2

Natural Bridge, Springbrook. 2015. Photo Credit: K.Allan

After deciding that we really both had limited funds but a keen drive to do something a bit different we did some typical googling – “Top things to do on the Gold Coast”, “Free attractions on the Gold Coast” and “Gold Coast adventures” we came to a final option. And a good final choice it was. We decided to go on an adventure to Natural Bridge in the Springbrook National Park on the Gold Coast, Australia (aka ‘home’).  Continue reading

Review: DoubleTree By Hilton, Cairns

A spontaneous trip in November to Cairns saw me visiting and staying at the beautiful DoubleTree by Hilton hotel for 3 nights and 4 days. Our accommodation was already decided upon and booked as part of the terms of a Groupon discount myself and travel buddy purchased, however, there were no complaints here about not choosing our own hotel. It was actually quite relaxing knowing for once that we didn’t have to research a few hotels to find the best room, hotel and price compared to all the others.

IMG_5840 - Version 2

DoubleTree by Hilton Cairns sign. 2014. Photo Credit: K.Allan

We caught a short 10 minute cab to our hotel from the Cairns airport and were greeted with complimentary cookies (yum!) and bottle of champagne. We chose not to plan our holiday and booked everything we wanted to do through our hotel or on our own which worked out great for us.  Continue reading

Cairns, North Queensland

After coming home from an overseas trip to the U.S.A. in August, I was itching to go somewhere, anywhere to continue exploring and fuel my wanderlust. So when an awesome Groupon deal was announced to Cairns, how could I say no? Teamed with one of my previous travel buddies – Arielle, we spent 4 days in beautiful Northern Queensland to relax and explore as much as we can.

IMG_5931 - Version 2

Rex Lookout along the Captain Cook Highway. 2014. Photo Credit: K.Allan

Cairns is a short 2 hour flight north from Brisbane, Queensland and our hotel the Doubletree by Hilton was less than 10 minutes away from the airport so getting to and from the airport was cheap and easy. We hadn’t planned much of our trip (which is quite unlike me) but winging it, relaxing and booking things as we heard about them worked out perfectly for us. So here’s 7 things you must do when you visit Cairns:-  Continue reading

Brisvegas; Brisbane, Australia

The capital city of Queensland, Brisbane is in the south-east corner of the ‘Sunshine State’ and is a popular holiday choice for many all around the world. I live on the Gold Coast, about an hours drive away from Brisbane, so decided to spend a beautiful Sunday with my travel buddies (from my first USA holiday) exploring the city and doing ‘touristy’ things to scope out the best to see and do whilst visiting Brisbane.

Brisbane Festival with my travel buddies. 2014. Photo Credit: Random Stranger.

Brisbane Festival with my travel buddies, Angela, Arielle & Ashley. 2014. Photo Credit: Random Stranger.

I’m lucky enough to have friends who live in Brisbane, so was able to spend a night and day there exploring with our own local tour guide (*drumroll* Angela) to find the 7 must see’s and must do’s in Brisbane:- Continue reading

A Little Closer To Home; Fraser Island, Australia

I thought I’d change it up a bit and write about somewhere a little closer to home. In my home state of Queensland in Australia, you will find the amazing Fraser Island just off the coast of Hervey Bay. It is considered to be the worlds largest sand island and is a World Heritage site with some of the cleanest freshwater lakes in the world. Although I last visited whilst in high school in 2008 (*shudders at old age*) I still vividly remember how much I loved it there back then and how much I want to go back now!


View from Indian Head. 2008. Photo Credit: K.Allan

In 2008 my Year 12 (final year of high school) Geography class went to Fraser Island on Geography Camp. We were there to learn and report on the impact of tourists on the island which back then was having a detrimental effect on the island.

Keep reading to see 7 must do’s on Fraser Island:-

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