My Bucket List Item #35…

I think it is safe to say that my father was more excited about this bucket list experience than I was. It was randomly planned in advance with my dad, uncle and cousin to do this experience all together. Not only did that make it cheaper, but it turned into a fun day out at a theme park with my cousin and I braving all the ‘thrill rides’.


My Bucket List Item #35… Walk with a Tiger at Dreamworld:-

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My 2016 Travel Wishlist

It’s that time again… although I am a little late with this post! (Sorry for being MIA readers!). It’s become a bit of a tradition for me to set my travel goals each year and then actually put it into words somewhere to hold myself accountable! After becoming a travel consultant, the world really has opened up for me in terms of possibilities for travel.


This is my 2016 Travel Wishlist:-

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The Best Coffee Table Travel Books

I love reading and one day (when I’m a grown up :P) I hope to have walls of my study filled with books and trinkets I’ve collected over the years to really create a study/library vibe. I also can’t wait to have a sitting room with a big glass coffee table stacked with my favourite books, covered with my favourite candles and sharing stories over coffee with friends.


If I were to have that imaginary coffee table right now or to transfer these books into my library these would be my absolute favourites (as I already own 4 soon to be 5 of the 7 chosen…) and hence my picks for the best coffee table travel books:- Continue reading

My Bucket List Item #3…

This particular Bucket List item I had been wanting to do on and off for many years. A few of my friends had done it and had spoken highly of the experience and I really wanted to feel it for myself. I also really wanted to tick something big and memorable from my ever-growing Bucket List and decided this would be the one!


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My Favourite YouTube Vloggers

So in my spare time when I’m not working on content for my own blog, I love to search the internet for other travel blogs, blogs in general, instagrams to follow and mores recently YouTube Vloggers! I’m relatively new to the vlogging world, but some of the sites I follow have well and truly got it down-pat and have really inspired me to give it a crack on my next adventure!YouTube-logo-full_colorSo I thought I would share with you guys my current favourite YouTube Vloggers:-

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My New Career Path…

So hold up guys, this post is about to get personal! Keep reading for those who are after a little insight into the person behind the Global Whispers title and for those who aren’t, I’ve got plenty of travel related content on this site so don’t stray too far, just click Home and have a little scroll through! 🙂


For those of you that follow Global Whispers on Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook (and for those that don’t you should!) you would know by now that I recently quit my previous retail job and ventured down a new career path. It was a long time coming as I never truly envisioned myself working in a sporting retail role for my whole life and I’ve always seeked out a ‘real world job’. I just never knew what that job would be.

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My Travel Regret

Now I don’t want you to read the title of this post and think that I’m having a windge or am about to bag your beloved country or town because that is not the case. If anything this post is so that those of you reading that are able to learn from my regret can do so because if I could turn back the clock I can 100% guarantee you that I would change my thinking about this.

travel regret

This post is all about my regret and how I now wish I had studied at university abroad on an exchange program:- Continue reading

My Bucket List Item #38… ✓

I’m not sure how many of you reading this will be familiar with the hilarious comedy duo Hamish and Andy (if you’re not, you really need to check out their TV show, radio show and website!) but I thank them for inspiring this particular bucket list item. After watching an episode of Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year South America and laughing my head off at them trekking up an active volcano in Guatemala to cook a pre-made foil lasagne in some lava I decided I wanted to do something similar.


So during my most recent holiday to Hawaii I decided to tick of my Bucket List item #38… Step foot on an active volcano:- Continue reading

My Bucket List Item #4… ✓

Growing up and for as long as I can remember I have always had relatively long hair. Girls stereotypically are quite attached to their hair and I definitely was attached to mine. I always kept the length but played around a little with colour going from blonde highlights to brunette, to brunette and blonde highlights and back to blonde before finally deciding to the shock of my long-term hairdresser to take the plunge!


My Bucket List Item #4 was to cut my hair short once in my life:-
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My Favourite Jewellery Pieces

I’m lucky enough to have been contacted by the team at Invaluable to write a post showcasing to you guys just what some of my favourite jewellery pieces are and what exactly they mean to me and some stories behind them. I’m a sucker for jewellery as (if I’m being truly honest) I’m not so much into statement clothing or style as I’m not very good at it. I have a few pieces that I truly cherish, a couple of splurge pieces that I’ve chosen to invest in and some fun, cheap but amazing pieces that I just like to play around with.

image1 - Version 2

My favourites ❤ 2015. Photo Credit: M.Allan

All of the items that I’m going to write about have been accumulated and found overseas either as a spontaneous coo purchase or because they were so much cheaper compared to back here in Australia (damn high dollar!)

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