My Bucket List Item #35…

I think it is safe to say that my father was more excited about this bucket list experience than I was. It was randomly planned in advance with my dad, uncle and cousin to do this experience all together. Not only did that make it cheaper, but it turned into a fun day out at a theme park with my cousin and I braving all the ‘thrill rides’.


My Bucket List Item #35… Walk with a Tiger at Dreamworld:-

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My Bucket List Item #3…

This particular Bucket List item I had been wanting to do on and off for many years. A few of my friends had done it and had spoken highly of the experience and I really wanted to feel it for myself. I also really wanted to tick something big and memorable from my ever-growing Bucket List and decided this would be the one!


My Bucket List Item #3 was to go skydiving!:-  Continue reading

My Bucket List Item #38… ✓

I’m not sure how many of you reading this will be familiar with the hilarious comedy duo Hamish and Andy (if you’re not, you really need to check out their TV show, radio show and website!) but I thank them for inspiring this particular bucket list item. After watching an episode of Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year South America and laughing my head off at them trekking up an active volcano in Guatemala to cook a pre-made foil lasagne in some lava I decided I wanted to do something similar.


So during my most recent holiday to Hawaii I decided to tick of my Bucket List item #38… Step foot on an active volcano:- Continue reading

My Bucket List Item #4… ✓

Growing up and for as long as I can remember I have always had relatively long hair. Girls stereotypically are quite attached to their hair and I definitely was attached to mine. I always kept the length but played around a little with colour going from blonde highlights to brunette, to brunette and blonde highlights and back to blonde before finally deciding to the shock of my long-term hairdresser to take the plunge!


My Bucket List Item #4 was to cut my hair short once in my life:-
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My Bucket List Item #13… ✓

So after coming up with more and more items for my bucket list and getting the ball rolling by completing my first two Bucket List Item’s (#5 and #24), I figured I would tick off another simple and easy item yet I had somehow at the age of 23 still not done myself.


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My Bucket List Item #24… ✓

After receiving my Axel & Ash My Bucket List journal for Christmas and successfully ticking off my first Bucket List item a few days prior, I really was motivated to keep going with ticking off more items on my list. After discovering the 100 Things website by Sebastian Terry and reading through his Bucket List I was instantly inspired.


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My Bucket List Item #5… ✓

Item number 5 was the first item I ticked off my Bucket List and it ended up being a lot easier than I had originally thought. I thought I would start off my list with something very achievable and relatively simple and yet somehow I had not done this before.


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My Bucket List Journal

For Christmas my sister got me an amazing gift (admittedly, I hinted… a lot) that has already given me so much inspiration in 2015. It’s allowed me to set goals. It’s allowed me to be creative. It’s allowed me to think about what I want to achieve in life however long or short. It’s allowed me to declare 2015 –

‘The Year Of Experiences’

So, you’re probably thinking this is some crazy extravagant gift that sounds too good to be true. It’s not. In fact, it cost my sister only AUD$39.95. It was the Axel & Ash – My Bucket List journal.


My Bucket List journal amongst some other favourite things. 2015. Photo Credit: K.Allan


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