Santorini, Greek Islands

The Greek Islands see swarms of tourists year round visiting for the incredible weather, authentic food and to witness some of the most incredible views and sites in the world. After visiting Santorini (officially known as Thira) I can safely say that this island is one of the most beautiful places I have visited. Santorini is what remains from a volcano eruption that wiped out much of the island. Santorini is accessible by boat or plane (one of the few Greek Islands with a small airport and runway) and is definitely a must visit destination whilst visiting Greece and the Greek Islands.

View of Santorini. 2012. Photo Credit: K.Allan

View of Santorini. 2012. Photo Credit: K.Allan

Although I only spent 2 days in Santorini, I can definitely say that these are my 7 top sites and attractions in Santorini:-  Continue reading


A Day At: The Making Of Harry Potter Tour, London

Growing up in the Harry Potter era, there was absolutely no question about it, I had to visit the Warner Brothers Studio Tour London: The Making Of Harry Potter whilst I was visiting London. Admittedly, I was a huge Harry Potter fan since the release of the first book (when I was only 10 years old) and still am to this day at age 22. I’d read all about the props, sets, costumes and audio guide featured in the tour and could not wait to experience this studio tour for myself.


Warner Brothers Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter. 2012. Photo Credit: A.Barton

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City of Canals, Venice

Venice or as Italians say Venezia, is one city not to be missed when visiting Italy. Separated by 118 small islands all linked together by canals and bridges, Venice is a city unlike any other. Nowadays the city is said to be sinking due to rising tides, however this has not stopped Venice from being one of the most popular Italian cities to visit.


The Floating City, Venice. 2012. Photo Credit: K.Allan

Venice offers much to tourists in terms of history, architecture, food and souvenirs, so here are 7 things you must do when visiting Venice:- Continue reading

Why You Simply Must Visit Athens

For some unknown reason I’ve always wanted to travel to Greece, particularly Athens. Perhaps it was my obsession with Disney’s film Hercules (my favourite!), my love of what I thought was traditional Greek food (which turns out to be an Aussie’s version, but still delicious) or that it seemed like one of the most fascinating places to visit historically, but I knew I had to visit Athens whilst in Europe in 2012.


View of Athens from the Acropolis. 2012. Photo Credit: K.Allan

Being the capital of Greece, there was always high expectations for my visit to Athens and I did not go disappointed with the many attractions to visit and beautiful scenery to embrace. If you’re planning to visit Athens, these are 7 places you must visit!:- Continue reading

Review: Clink78 Hostel, London

While usually my travel companions and myself prefer to stay in hotels with private rooms, sometimes, travel doesn’t go to plan. In 2012, due to unforeseen circumstance, our accommodation plans in London fell through… 2 days before departing Australia. Thanks to our amazing travel agent and my travel buddy’s mum, we were able to secure last-minute accommodation at the Clink 78 Hostel in Kings Cross, London for the 2 of us for 8 nights.


Internet & PC courtroom. 2012. Photo Credit: A.Barton

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When In Rome…

Sorry, I know how cliché that title is but it’s so fitting! There is so much to see, do and most importantly eat when in Rome (again, sorry!). Witnessing all of the incredible history from centuries ago to seeing modernised Rome, this is one city you do not want to miss.


Colosseum. 2012. Photo Credit: A.Barton.

From historic amphitheatres, fountains, monuments, steps and the Vatican City within, Rome has plenty to offer the inquisitive tourist. My favourite 7 tourist stops would have to be:-  Continue reading

The City of Love… Paris

Paris has to be one of the most romantic and enticing cities in the world. Whilst I only had the pleasure of 2 days in this city, I’m itching to get back and experience even more. Escargot is a tourist must do, you’ll never have a better French Onion soup and French Pastries are arguably the best in the world.


The Eiffel Tower. 2012. Photo Credit: K.Allan

If the French language, food, architecture, history and shopping doesn’t entice you (which let’s be honest, would have most of us hooked already) then maybe my Top 7 will convince you otherwise…

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First Stop… London Town!


Tower Bridge. 2012. Photo Credit: K.Allan

Here it is, post #1… and I thought why not begin with one of my most favourite cities in the world, and the first place I ever used my passport, London.

Home to my favourite Royals, Harry Potter and some of the most amazing sights and adventures, London is simply incredible. From Kings Cross, to Leicester Square, Oxford Circus & Trafalgar Square, London has a vast number of areas and sites to explore.

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