Harbour City; Sydney, Australia

This will come as a shock to many who know me, but I have only ever visited Sydney once before in my life. I know! Despite only ever being at most 1.5 hours flight away, Sydney and the rest of New South Wales was somewhere I hadn’t visited since I was a child. But when I heard the Aladdin Musical  was coming to Sydney town, I knew that I would have to make a trip down South. Luckily, my travel buddy Angela was just as keen on the idea, so our Sydney trip was quickly upon us earlier this month.


Sydney Harbour Bridge. 2016. Photo Credit: K.Allan

I love seeing all the touristy sites as well as discovering some local hang outs, so here are 7 things you must do when visiting Sydney:-

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Tokyo DisneySea; More and More Disney!

I visited Tokyo DisneySea last year during my trip to Japan. I had heard and read a few things about the Japanese Disney parks and had read by a few people who had been to all the Disney parks (I know, a dream of mine!) that this was the best of all the parks in the world! I had high hopes after reading this and let me tell you, I was not disappointed! Tokyo DisneySea has some of the best rides and shows of all the parks. I still rate the original Disneyland in Anaheim California as the best, but Tokyo DisneySea is definitely my 2nd favourite park so far!

IMG_0011 - Version 2

Tokyo DisneySea Theme Park Entrance. 2015. Photo Credit: K.Allan

So here are my tips and top experiences at Tokyo DisneySea:-

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Uluru; The Red Centre

For many people, Uluru (or Ayers Rock) is an iconic landmark in Australia drawing thousands of people to the centre of our country every year. What most people don’t realise, is that there is plenty to do out at Uluru that I was struggling to fit it all in over the 4 days I was there.

IMG_1896 - Version 2

My first glimpse of Uluru/Ayers Rock/That big rock in the middle of nowhere. 2016. Photo Credit: K.Allan

Many people head to Uluru to climb the rock; what they don’t realise is that whilst not illegal to do so, it is somewhat frowned upon by the local Anangu Aboriginal people and many who have taken the time to learn about the cultural significance and history of Uluru choose not to climb out of respect and knowledge. Not to mention the environmental impacts on the surrounds of Uluru and the few fatalities that have happened over time at Uluru as well. I’m not here to persuade you whether or not you should climb Uluru (although I personally, chose not to), I am here to share with you some other options of things to do whilst visiting Uluru:-

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Tokyo Disneyland; Another Disney Adventure

If you haven’t picked up by now that I love Disney, then you haven’t read enough of my blog! So after deciding to visit Japan there was absolutely no way that I was missing out on visiting the 2 Disney theme parks, Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea. This post is going to focus on the first of the park, Tokyo Disneyland.  I was lucky enough to experience Disneyland during Halloween in Japan and whilst it may not be as big of a tradition in Japan compared to the USA, the park spares no expense in really setting the Halloween theme from the moment you walk through the ticket gates, to the villain Halloween themed parades and Halloween treats!


Tokyo Disneyland. 2015. Photo credit: Disneyland Crew Member

So here are my thoughts and tips on visiting Tokyo Disneyland:-

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My First Taste Of Asia; Tokyo, Japan

After recently visiting,  whenever someone mentions Japan my mind automatically starts picturing images of Tokyo. Like the hustle and bustle of Shibuya Crossing, vending machines lining the streets, bullet trains and subway stations, kimono’s and geisha. But there are a few amazing landmarks and attractions in Tokyo that you definitely need to add to your ‘Tokyo to do list’ for when you visit.


Tokyo Skyline from Tokyo Tower. 2015. Photo Credit: K.Allan

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My Japan Photo Journal

Before I post any blog posts about my trip to Japan focusing on individual places, sites and itineraries I thought I’d share with you guys a photo journal of each day of my trip to give you an idea of what you guys can expect over the coming weeks. I love taking photos of different places and the more photos I take, the better I feel I am getting at photography and the quality is definitely improving! I love going in-depth and sharing with you guys exactly what I love (and didn’t love), but I also know that some of my readers are just after a quick lowdown on what to do in a certain country/city.

japan photo journal

So here is a my Japan itinerary summed up in photographs:-

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Review: Royal Lahaina Resort, Maui

A mid morning flight from Honolulu, Oahu saw us land to a sunny and beautifully warm Maui day. After collecting our hire car and our fancy-prancy GPS we were on the road to our chosen resort for our 3 night stay in Maui… the Royal Lahaina Resort. After some googling, trip advisor reading and consulting our budgets, this resort was perfect for our price range and honestly exceeded our expectations.

IMG_5471 - Version 2

Sunset at Royal Lahaina Resort, Maui. 2015. Photo Credit: K.Allan

So here is my review of the Royal Lahaina Resort:- Continue reading

The Gathering Place; O’ahu, Hawaii.

O’ahu is only one of the 8 Hawaiian islands, however it plays host the capital Honolulu and the main international airport. O’ahu is the most populated island with plenty to offer locals and tourists alike. With pristine beaches, a rich culture and incredible food, O’ahu is not an island that should be missed.

IMG_5009 - Version 2

U.S.S. Arizona Memorial. 2015. Photo Credit: K.Allan

So here are my top 7 attractions to visit during your stay in O’ahu, Hawaii:-

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Review: Hilton Hawaiian Village, Hawaii

Travelling with my 2 travel buddies Angela & Arielle to Hawaii was always going to be a super fun, jam-packed girls trip. Staying in a super fancy resort whilst expensive, was a little bit of girls trip luxury that I’d love to share with you all. Upon doing a little research and discussing amongst each other, we decided that the Hilton Hawaiian Village resort would be the place for us to stay during our 6 day stay in Waikiki, Honolulu.

IMG_5219 - Version 2

Hilton Hawaiian Village. 2015. Photo Credit: K.Allan

Whilst initially feeling like we were paying an arm and a leg for our room, once split between the 3 of us and looking up what the resort actually had to offer, the price didn’t seem quite so bad. We opted for a Resort View Ali’i Tower Double Room.  Continue reading

Monday Adventure – Natural Bridge, Gold Coast

Working in retail as my current full-time occupation I have 2 days off from work a week, which for me are a Sunday and Monday. Luckily, my previous travel buddy and good friend Emma also has the same work roster as me so Monday’s have quickly and easily become our catch up day. But this particular Monday we didn’t want to do our usual coffee/lunch/catch up date. We were both seeking something a little more. We wanted an adventure! 

IMG_6774 - Version 2

Natural Bridge, Springbrook. 2015. Photo Credit: K.Allan

After deciding that we really both had limited funds but a keen drive to do something a bit different we did some typical googling – “Top things to do on the Gold Coast”, “Free attractions on the Gold Coast” and “Gold Coast adventures” we came to a final option. And a good final choice it was. We decided to go on an adventure to Natural Bridge in the Springbrook National Park on the Gold Coast, Australia (aka ‘home’).  Continue reading