Global Whispers was established in 2014 by travel enthusiast Kristy Allan. After completing her university degree in Australia, Kristy decided to embark on her first overseas adventure.

Since then, her passion and love for travel and discovering new places has enabled her to begin this blog; focusing on her experiences, life and sharing travel advice in order to inspire you to find, embrace and explore the global whispers from here, there and everywhere.

Having embarked overseas eight times since 2012, Global Whispers has already travelled overseas in 2018, with plenty more interstate plans for the remainder of the year.

So far, Global Whispers has visited the following countries:-

–     Antarctica     –     Argentina     –    Australia (Home)    –     Austria    –     Brazil     –     Canada     –     England     –     France     –     Germany    –    Greece     –
Indonesia (Bali)  –    Italy     –    Japan     –    Liechtenstein     –   Mexico    –
Monaco     –    New Caledonia    –    Switzerland    –    The Netherlands (Amsterdam)  –
The Vatican City    –   The United States Of America    – 

with many plans and dreams for many more!



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