Tokyo DisneySea; More and More Disney!

I visited Tokyo DisneySea last year during my trip to Japan. I had heard and read a few things about the Japanese Disney parks and had read by a few people who had been to all the Disney parks (I know, a dream of mine!) that this was the best of all the parks in the world! I had high hopes after reading this and let me tell you, I was not disappointed! Tokyo DisneySea has some of the best rides and shows of all the parks. I still rate the original Disneyland in Anaheim California as the best, but Tokyo DisneySea is definitely my 2nd favourite park so far!

IMG_0011 - Version 2

Tokyo DisneySea Theme Park Entrance. 2015. Photo Credit: K.Allan

So here are my tips and top experiences at Tokyo DisneySea:-

1.   FastPass the Toy Story Mania ride as soon as you walk in the gates

I am not even exaggerating when I write as soon as you get there! This rise is insanely popular and we joined the line as soon as we walked into the park. After lining up for around 45 minutes we finally got to the ride and snagged out Fastpass which was for 5pm! I told you they go quickly! The ride is definitely worth it, with its arcade style battle and iconic toy story characters, I absolutely loved it (and so did Ange!).

IMG_9498 - Version 2

Toy Story Mania! Ride. 2015. Photo Credit: K.Allan

2.   Ride – The Indiana Jones Ride

This was one my favourite rides at Disneyland in Anaheim so I was absolutely thrilled when I saw that this ride was also at DisneySea! Ange had never been on this ride before so I didn’t reveal too much about what was in store, other than we were going for a joyride. One of my favourite rides is definitely a must do when visiting DisneySea!

IMG_9428 - Version 2

Lost River Delta land – where you’ll find the Indiana Jones ride. 2015. Photo Credit: A.Barton

3.   Ride – StormRider

This is one ride at the park that I was not familiar with and had definitely not experienced at either park in Los Angeles, so I was immediately intrigued. It’s a simulation based ride looking at the event of a natural disaster and a word of caution: you do get wet!

4.   Eat – Toy Story Alien Sweet Dumplings

A friend of mine had posted about these Alien dumplings on Instagram so I definitely needed to see what they were all about. They are basically like little rubbery shells filled with Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry custard like filling inside.

IMG_9510 - Version 2

Eating my Alien dumpling! 2015. Photo Credit: Shameless Selfie! 😉

5.   Watch – Fantasmic!

The Disney theme parks are renowned for their themed shows every evening no matter which park you are at. This is no exception at DisneySea where the evening show is based on the lagoon in the middle of the park. Prime seating is taken quickly (and can even be reserved) but we found a nice central spot about 30 minutes before the show began. The Japanese are very orderly and respectful, so make sure you remain seated on the ground and that you stick within your designated area.

IMG_9531 - Version 2

Fantastmic! 2015. Photo Credit: K.Allan

6.   Ride – Tower Of Terror

Another one of my favourite rides that I have previously been on at California Adventure Land in Anaheim I had to make sure Ange got a taste of this ride! Although I’ve never seen the film Twilight Zone (which the ride is based around) this is one ride that gets your heart pumping and you’ll definitely be screaming, but so much fun!

7.   Ride – Jasmine’s Flying Carpet ride

A kiddy ride but a goodie! Hop on board a magic carpet and fly around looking out into Arabian Coast land! I couldn’t help but sing ‘A Whole New World’ whilst flying up and down on our carpet ride.

IMG_0046 - Version 2

Jasmine’s Flying Carpets Ride. 2015. Photo Credit: K.Allan

Which of the Disney Theme Parks do you all love? I’d love to know in the comments below!

All posts are by Global Whispers and are entirely my own opinions, views and experiences.


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