My Bucket List Item #35…

I think it is safe to say that my father was more excited about this bucket list experience than I was. It was randomly planned in advance with my dad, uncle and cousin to do this experience all together. Not only did that make it cheaper, but it turned into a fun day out at a theme park with my cousin and I braving all the ‘thrill rides’.


My Bucket List Item #35… Walk with a Tiger at Dreamworld:-

It all came together during a family lunch at my grandma’s house where I randomly mentioned that doing the tiger walk at Dreamworld is something that I’d really love to do. Surprisingly, my dad piped up and said that he would absolutely love to do it (considering his favourite AFL team is the Richmond Tigers). At lunch that day I looked into what it actually entailed, when to do it and costing and my uncle and cousin also decided they’d like to be part of the experience… and so it was settled.

Let me make it very clear from the beginning of this post, that I never would do any animal interactions if the animal wasn’t treated properly and well looked after. I did plenty of research before deciding to do this interaction, Dreamworld really do care about their Tigers and Tiger Conservation around the world.

We met at Dreamworld before the park opened, signed our waiver saying that if the tiger basically ate us we couldn’t sue them and were then let into the park where we headed over to Tiger Island. I admit, walking through an empty theme park even in daylight is still super creepy!


Sita being cheeky. 2015. Photo Credit: K.Allan

We met our guide and were then introduced toย Sita, the beautiful tiger who was going to show us around her home, Dreamworld for the next hour. I remember thinking how crazy this was, I was walking around with aย tiger! She was so beautiful, even letting out a bit of a growl for us at times.


Chilling with Sita. 2015. Photo Credit: Dreamworld

Dreamworld are renowned for their Tiger program and as we were doing our walk we were told loads of facts about tigers, Sita and Dreamworld. Sita was not once drugged or forced to do anything she didn’t want to do. She was boss and wherever she wanted to go – we went. Whenever she wanted to top and roll around – we stopped. It was truly incredible.


The Allan’s and Sita. 2015. Photo Credit: Dreamworld

I definitely recommend doing this up close and personal experience at Dreamworld if you can! Patting, stroking and walking around with a live Tiger is one experience I am certainly not going to forget!

Keen to see what else I’ve ticked off My Bucket List? Stay tuned for the next bucket list item!

All posts are by Global Whispersย and are entirely my own opinions, views and experiences.


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