My 2016 Travel Wishlist

It’s that time again… although I am a little late with this post! (Sorry for being MIA readers!). It’s become a bit of a tradition for me to set my travel goals each year and then actually put it into words somewhere to hold myself accountable! After becoming a travel consultant, the world really has opened up for me in terms of possibilities for travel.


This is my 2016 Travel Wishlist:-

7.   Bali, Indonesia

To be honest I was never really fussed on travelling to Bali or Indonesia. However, since working in the travel industry I have learnt so much about Bali and it really is one of the top destinations Australians travel to for a reason. With a relatively short travel time for Aussies, incredibly affordable accommodation options and fun, cultural activities to partake in, I really would love to tick this off my list in 2016.

6.   Florida, United States Of America

There is one main reason that I want to travel here and anyone who reads my blog regularly can probably guess why. DisneyWorld! I haven’t been to a world of Disney since visiting DisneyLand and DisneySea in Japan in October, so I am dying to experience this in 2016!

5.   Sydney, Australia

As a proud Aussie I am a little ashamed to say that I have not seen very much of my own backyard, let alone one of our most famous cities, Sydney! I’m dying to climb the Harbour Bridge, explore Bondi Beach and stand on the steps of the iconic Sydney Opera House!

4.   New Zealand

Another destination that is so close for Aussies to travel to and still experience a completely different culture. I’ve learned a lot about New Zealand and it really looks like such a beautiful country. Top of my list is to do a canoe through the glow-worm caves and visit the beautiful glaciers. Maybe I’d even work up the courage to Bungee Jump… who knows!

3.   Thailand

I have many friends and clients who have travelled to Thailand and as a rather inexpensive holiday I’d really like to visit for myself. I’d love to eat authentic Thai food and see the different areas and cultures throughout this country.

2.   South Africa

This has been one of my must travel destinations for a while. I’d love to experience an African Safari and see a Lion and Elephant in the wild! Great White Shark cage diving is also a must do activity for me whilst there as well. I need to make this happen!

1.   Antarctica

This is definitely my number one travel goal these days. It is also however one of the most expensive trips I can do. That being said, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to actually step foot on the big white ice continent of Antarctica. I actually cannot wait to travel somewhere that (to must extents) has been untouched by humans. Doing a ‘Polar Plunge’ and camping out on the ice overnight are 2 of my must do experiences whilst there. Hopefully, I can make this happen!

So although it is 3 months into 2016, these are my goal trips for the year! Some of them may not happen this year, but I’m determined to at least get the ball rolling and start planning! My feet are getting very itchy…!

Tell me, where are you guys dying to visit this year? I’m always after travel inspo!…

All posts are by Global Whispers and are entirely my own opinions, views and experiences.


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