The Best Coffee Table Travel Books

I love reading and one day (when I’m a grown up :P) I hope to have walls of my study filled with books and trinkets I’ve collected over the years to really create a study/library vibe. I also can’t wait to have a sitting room with a big glass coffee table stacked with my favourite books, covered with my favourite candles and sharing stories over coffee with friends.


If I were to have that imaginary coffee table right now or to transfer these books into my library these would be my absolute favourites (as I already own 4 soon to be 5 of the 7 chosen…) and hence my picks for the best coffee table travel books:-

1.   The Travel Book – Lonely Planet

My most recent travel book purchase and one of my favourites. I chose to purchase the hardback version as this book is huge (and I want it to last). It features alphabetically countries around the world and facts about each destination. With incredible photography (but that’s to be expected with Lonely Planet right?) and beautifully presented, this book really fills my heart with wanderlust.


The Travel Book – Lonely Planet. 2016. Photo Credit: K.Allan

2.   Murad Osmann – Follow Me To

I have been follow Murad’s instagram account for quite some time and I am truly in love and obsessed with his ‘follow me to’ images. They are beautifully staged featuring his stunning wife in an array of incredible outfits in incredible beautiful and wonderful destinations. This book features some of the best ‘follow me to’ images and some of the stories behind the photos.


Follow Me To by Murad Osmann. 2015. Photo Credit: Murad Osmann Instagram

3.   The World’s Great Wonders – Lonely Planet

It truly is remarkable to see just what nature can do to create some of the most beautiful, intense, jaw-dropping sites and wonders around the world. However, man has also created some amazing architecture and incredible sites all around the world. Featuring the likes of the Grand Canyon, Taj Mahal, Aurora Borealis, the Acropolis  and more this book really added sites to my Bucket List that i decided I must visit. I also loved how it explains the science and/or engineering that has gone into creating all of these natural wonders… and in true Lonely Planet style, amazing photography!


The World’s Great Wonders – Lonely Planet. 2016. Photo Credit: K.Allan


4.   The Best Place To Be Today – Lonely Planet

I love this book by Lonely Planet because it truly shows just how diverse and incredible the world it. While I think that travelling isn’t necessarily about ‘the best time’ to go somewhere, this book shows that on every single day of the year there is something truly remarkable happening somewhere in the world, whether it be a festival, a great season to view a particular landmark or a significant day for animal sightings. I also loved flicking through and seeing what is ‘the best place to be’ on my birthday… but I’ll leave that for you guys to find out!


The Best Place To Be Today – Lonely Planet. 2016. Photo Credit: K.Allan

5.   The Ultimate Travel List – Lonely Planet

This is one of Lonely Planet’s newest pictorial books and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Lonely Planet authors have hand-picked 500 of the best destinations around the world that they believe you must see in your lifetime. Some of them are in many people’s minds obvious choices but then others are a little more obscure and really got me thinking how much of this world I would love to see. Have your bucket list handy as you’re reading through this book as it is sure to add new destinations to see to your list!


The Ultimate Travelist – Lonely Planet. 2016. Photo Credit: K.Allan

6.   National Geographic Covers – National Geographic

One of the most popular magazines around the world, National Geographic has over time printed and written some incredible pieces on different topics around the world. Not only this, the magazine is iconic for its incredibly powerful and amazing photographs that front the cover of the magazine every month. This book in particular revisits the iconic covers of the magazine and retells the stories behind them.


National Geographic Covers book. 2015. Photo Credit: National Geographic website

7.   Humans Of New York

One of the most popular travel coffee table books this year, Humans of New York grew into an overnight sensation very quickly, and its easy to see why. Brandon Stanton went around asking questions and taking photographs of everyday people throughout New York and shared some of their happiest moments or darkest memories. The world instantly related to these people featured on Brandon’s instagram and from this the book was created. There is now another book of similar style by Brandon called Humans Of New York Stories, which I’m sure will appear on my next coffee table list!


Humans Of New York book. 2015. Photo Credit: Amazon website

I’d love to hear what some of our favourite and inspiring travel books are… Comment below and share with us all!

All posts are by Global Whispers and are entirely my own opinions, views and experiences.


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