My Bucket List Item #3…

This particular Bucket List item I had been wanting to do on and off for many years. A few of my friends had done it and had spoken highly of the experience and I really wanted to feel it for myself. I also really wanted to tick something big and memorable from my ever-growing Bucket List and decided this would be the one!


My Bucket List Item #3 was to go skydiving!:- 

After watching a friend jump out of a plane for their birthday a few years ago and seeing how happy and full of adrenalin they were afterwards was something I had wanted to experience for myself and I remember wishing at the time that I had done it with them.

I am quite afraid of heights (although I am definitely working on it) and this was something I had wanted to do to also try to conquer this fear! And conquer it I did!


Before I fell from the sky. 2015. Photo Credit: C.Blaney

So part of my birthday present from my family was to skydive the weekend before my birthday (and hopefully live to see 24!). Unfortunately, on the day the wind was too strong and it was cancelled which was a real bummer. Of course I’m glad that they take safety seriously, but I had worked up the courage and was so keen to just do it that to postpone it for another week sucked!

But gosh was it worth it!

Kristy 0041

Before my turn to jump… a little nervous now! 2015. Photo Credit: Skydive Instructor

Exactly a week later my family, a few friends and I headed back down to gold coast skydive and it was on. It was a little cloudy, but that ended up making it even better! After being harnessed up and running few a few safety protocols it was time to say goodbye and head to the plane that was awaiting us.

In the plane I was sitting right next to the door (which actually had no door) and being able to see the ground and feel the wind rushing into the plane as we gained altitude was terrifyingly amazing. And then just like that it happened, the first person jumped and then it was me.

Kristy 0090

Free Fall. 2015. Photo Credit: Skydive Instructor

It’s over so quickly but as I sat my legs out of the plane all I could see was white cloud, and as we jumped we were free-falling through cloud so when the ground did eventually appear it really hit home. Relief set in when the parachute went up successfully and then the fun tricks and twirls begun (with me even steering part of the way) as we headed back to the ground and flew over the heads of my cheer squad.

Kristy 0114

Free Fall. 2015. Photo Credit: Skydive Instructor

The adrenalin I felt during and after skydiving is indescribable and I would definitely do it again in a heartbeat!

Kristy 0177

Flying around the Gold Coast in my parachute. 2015. Photo Credit: Skydive Instructor

Have you done any crazy adventure or adrenalin sports? Let me know below… I may just try out some more now that I’ve had a taste of the adrenalin! :p

Keep your eyes out for the next My Bucket List item that I tick off my list very soon!!

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