My Favourite YouTube Vloggers

So in my spare time when I’m not working on content for my own blog, I love to search the internet for other travel blogs, blogs in general, instagrams to follow and mores recently YouTube Vloggers! I’m relatively new to the vlogging world, but some of the sites I follow have well and truly got it down-pat and have really inspired me to give it a crack on my next adventure!YouTube-logo-full_colorSo I thought I would share with you guys my current favourite YouTube Vloggers:-

1.   Vagabrothers

Mark and Alex are the two brothers that form the YouTube channel Vagabrothers and they have really created quite a name for themselves. Since winning the Biggest, Baddest, Bucket List video competition the boys have travelled around the world photographing, writing and videoing their travels and some of the more crazy things they get up to. I love that their videos are just real whilst still showcasing the incredible places they have visited and they seem to always be having a ridiculous amount of fun! The boys post new videos every Tuesday so definitely give their channel a look over!

2.   Hey Nadine

Nadine is a bubbly Canadian who travels the world and vlogs twice a week about her travels, her routines, her travel tips and tricks and even has guests feature in her videos (Vagabrothers for one!). Nadine has energetic, quirky and cheerful videos no matter the topic and I find her hilarious. Definitely check out one of her latest videos on the 9 Eating Challenges At Once for a good laugh!

3.   Ben Brown

I only recently discovered Ben Brown as he featured on a few of the recent Vagabrothers videos. After watching a couple of his videos I can definitely call myself a fan. He blogs almost daily showing you his travel life, the people he meets and the incredible places that he gets to visit and show to us all. He also takes some incredible photographs and his instagram account is one you definitely want on your news feed! He has one of the best goodbye slogans of many YouTubers as well (in my opinion anyways!) and is definitely worth subscribing to!

4.   How 2 Travellers

Hosted by two passionate travellers Andrea and Rachel, How 2 Travellers is a fun and entertaining travel YouTube channel. The girls often feature incredible destinations, travel tips, and their signature Go or No segment to keep viewers wanting more. They have also announced that they will be hosting their own TV show ‘Vacation Chasers’ which can be seen on HNL now.

5.   Flying The Nest

I recently discovered Australian couple Stephen and Jess after finding each of their individual instagram pages that link to their YouTube channel. These guys commit to  daily Vlogging of their life in whatever place or country they are in at the time and are heaps of fun to watch.

6.   World Of Wanderlust

You would have seen Brooke Saward and her World Of Wanderlust blog mentioned on my blog previously for her Instagram account and blog posts and her YouTube videos are definitely as good. Brooke often posts videos showcasing the wonderful places and destinations that she is visiting whether it be per day or a destination overall. She also posts fun Q&A videos, what’s in my bag videos and handy hints to keep in mind whilst preparing to travel.

7.   Fun For Louis

Another YouTube account I recently discovered but have since enjoyed is the daily blogs from Louis Cole. Louis is energetic and willing to try anything and his videos reflect his adventurous nature. He uploads content daily and his videos are always of fantastic quality and full of incredible scenery.

So there you have it, the YouTube accounts that I am currently obsessed with and spend my time watching whilst on the bus to work, in my free time or when I should be sleeping/writing/running errands! Let me know below which YouTube accounts you guys are currently loving!

All posts are by Global Whispers and are entirely my own opinions, views and experiences.


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