My New Career Path…

So hold up guys, this post is about to get personal! Keep reading for those who are after a little insight into the person behind the Global Whispers title and for those who aren’t, I’ve got plenty of travel related content on this site so don’t stray too far, just click Home and have a little scroll through! 🙂


For those of you that follow Global Whispers on Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook (and for those that don’t you should!) you would know by now that I recently quit my previous retail job and ventured down a new career path. It was a long time coming as I never truly envisioned myself working in a sporting retail role for my whole life and I’ve always seeked out a ‘real world job’. I just never knew what that job would be.

So what is that new career path exactly?:-

It’s somewhat of a dream job, or at least for now it is! After thinking about it for years, applying before and being rejected (I really didn’t sell myself well enough) I finally got a job as a travel consultant with Flight Centre! For those who aren’t sure (although I don’t think there will be many, as Flight Centre Travel Group is a globally recognised brand), Flight Centre is one of the many brands that fall under the Flight Centre Travel Group umbrella. It really is the face to the brand and has grown to be an incredibly well recognised and established travel retail brand.

After some encouragement from a friend who is also a travel consultant and making it through a gruelling assessment/interview process I made it… to training! Now don’t get me wrong, this process has been a great challenge for me! I had very much grown complacent, comfortable and was seeking a new challenge from my old job, so this assessment process really switched me on and excited me for what was to come.


My Novice Training Group (minus Jackie) and Trainer. 2015. Photo Credit: J.Mitchell

Training was also just as intense as the interview process, but totally necessary for what is to come once I’m physically in store helping people. It’s been great learning how it all comes together and the benefits that booking travel with a travel consultant has. Yes, I’m a little bias, but honestly, I never realised how much they can actually assist you with!

As I write this post I have just graduated from my 3 weeks of training and will have already started in store when this post is published. Graduation was so much fun and I’m so glad my entire group passed our final assessments! I really did make some amazing friends through this process already and I’m sure more to come as I meet more consultants in my area.


Funny Faces Novice Group and Trainer. 2015. Photo Credit: Lovely lady on level 3 🙂

I begin my job in a store consulting today and I’m so excited for the challenge but to be honest I’m also nervous. Good nervous though, hopefully I smash my targets and make it to the Global gathering (*fingers crossed*). So I thought I’d share with you all the big changes that are happening in my life. Hopefully this career will open many pathways for me to see more and share more of the world with you but it also gives me the opportunity to help clients come up with, and experience the holiday of their dreams and for me, that’s what it’s all about!

Wish me luck! 🙂

All posts are by Global Whispers and are entirely my own opinions, views and experiences.


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