My Bucket List Item #4… ✓

Growing up and for as long as I can remember I have always had relatively long hair. Girls stereotypically are quite attached to their hair and I definitely was attached to mine. I always kept the length but played around a little with colour going from blonde highlights to brunette, to brunette and blonde highlights and back to blonde before finally deciding to the shock of my long-term hairdresser to take the plunge!


My Bucket List Item #4 was to cut my hair short once in my life:-

Now for some this isn’t a big deal, but for me it was. It was a spontaneous decision but still a little bit frightening. Many of my friend had tried to convince me to chop it especially with an overseas holiday to Hawaii coming up.

So at one of my regular hair appointments my hairdresser Carly amongst chit-chat asked me what we were going to be doing today with my hair. I’m sure she was expecting ‘you know, the usual, regrowth, bit of a trim’ so she was utterly shocked when i uttered ‘I think today we’re going to chop it all off’.


I wouldn’t trust anyone else to chop my hair so with Carly dying and foiling my hair she told me that now that I had said it there was no going back and she was super excited.

And then just like that the scissors began to hack (well it was much more professional than that) at my long hair to a shoulder-length do. The shortest I’ve had my hair pretty much ever.

And I love it. It took a bit for me to get used to and I really should be adjusting my shampoo usage now, but still, short hair is just so much easier to manage. I don’t take an hour to straighten my hair anymore, hooray!

Stay tuned for my next My Bucket List item that I have successfully ticked off!

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