My Favourite Jewellery Pieces

I’m lucky enough to have been contacted by the team at Invaluable to write a post showcasing to you guys just what some of my favourite jewellery pieces are and what exactly they mean to me and some stories behind them. I’m a sucker for jewellery as (if I’m being truly honest) I’m not so much into statement clothing or style as I’m not very good at it. I have a few pieces that I truly cherish, a couple of splurge pieces that I’ve chosen to invest in and some fun, cheap but amazing pieces that I just like to play around with.

image1 - Version 2

My favourites ❤ 2015. Photo Credit: M.Allan

All of the items that I’m going to write about have been accumulated and found overseas either as a spontaneous coo purchase or because they were so much cheaper compared to back here in Australia (damn high dollar!)

So without further ado here are my top 7 pieces of jewellery:-

7.   Tiffany & Co. Heart Earrings – O’ahu, Hawaii

I purchased these earrings after deciding to get my ears repierced earlier this year and they have definitely become one of my favourites. It was a slightly more spontaneous decision, but well worth it and these earrings are definitely my favourite thus far!

6.   Michael Kors Watch – New York City, U.S.A.

This was a spur of the moment purchase for me but I absolutely fell in love with this watch and I still am! One of my favourite jewellery pieces and a great memory with my friends at Macy’s purchasing it after plenty of time deliberating whether I should or not (mainly due to my tight budget). I’m so glad I did!

5.   Choose-A-Pearl flower charm – Maui, Hawaii

I had been told by my mother that there were places in Hawaii where you could go and pick an oyster and have the pearl inside made into a piece of jewellery. I finally found the Pearl Factory in Maui, chose my oyster and had my pearl made into a flower necklace charm (after almost being conned into a $1000 purchase, so have your wits about you!)

4.   Lava Rock Ring & Bracelet – Santorini, Greek Islands

Whilst visiting Santorini we did a walk around a mountaintop villages with lots of little shops that sold candles, sculptures and jewellery made of lava rock from the island. I loved the idea and my ring and bracelet are a great reminder of a fantastic time in Greece.

3.   Tiffany & Co. key pendant – Los Angeles, U.S.A.

This was my most expensive and first Tiffany and Co item I purchased and I’m super happy that I did. After thinking about it after seeing the key pendant I liked in San Francisco I finally decided to purchase whilst in L.A. and kept close watch of it until I returned home.

2.   ‘Mexico’ Ring – Cozumel, Mexico

Another one of my spontaneous purchases… during a day trip to Cozumel in Mexico we were wandering around some markets and shops when we found a jewellery store that sold beautiful stones, gems and jewellery that I couldn’t walk away empty-handed. This ring is now one of the items I wear everyday and I often receive comments about it from customers at work and friends.

1.   Puzzle Ring – Florence, Italy.

This is my all time, number one, favourite piece of jewellery I have purchased whilst overseas. A friend who had been to Italy had mentioned that she purchased one of these rings but I wanted to see for myself. The 4 bands all interconnect into each other to form the ‘puzzle’ that is the ring. I have unfortunately still not mastered how to piece it back together properly but I absolutely love it and the fun in the idea of it.

Thanks to the team at Invaluable for the inspiration to write this post. Invaluable are an online auction website where you can buy jewellery, art and antiques etc. for a lot cheaper than retail value and even vintage pieces, so definitely check it out to nab yourself some awesome new gifts for someone you love or for yourself!

All posts are by Global Whispers and are entirely my own opinions, views and experiences.


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