My Bucket List Item #13… ✓

So after coming up with more and more items for my bucket list and getting the ball rolling by completing my first two Bucket List Item’s (#5 and #24), I figured I would tick off another simple and easy item yet I had somehow at the age of 23 still not done myself.


My Bucket List Item #13 was to make a pizza from scratch:-

To tick this item off, I thought I’d make it a bit fun and so had a girls night at a friend’s house cooking and drinking wine with our dinner. Now when I say from scratch I’m not talking store-bought bases and sauces and just piling a heap of pre cut ingredients on top, I’m talking kneading dough, simmering down tomatoes and slicing and dicing all the ingredients that we decided we needed on our perfect homemade pizza.

After a stop at the supermarket to purchase all the ingredients we ventured to Chrystal’s house, preheated the oven and with Cathryn’s chef guidance (who regularly makes delicious home-made meals, especially pizzas) it was time to mix, sift, stir, knead and chop.

IMG_6340 - Version 2

Dough complete, wine ready and garlic bread to nibble. Yum! 2015. Photo Credit: K.Allan

I was actually quite surprised at how easy pizza dough really is to make and now I much prefer home-made dough in comparison to pre made supermarket types. Although simmering the tomato sauce down did take a little while, a garlic bread entrée certainly made the time go quicker and stopped our stomachs from getting too grumbly.

IMG_6345 - Version 2

The finished product! 2015. Photo Credit: K.Allan

Overall the pizza was delicious and I can proudly say that I made this myself (with some guidance). Wine, pizza and movies was a great girls night and another successful tick ✓ off my Bucket List.

IMG_6348 - Version 2

Homemade base & tomato sauce, ham, pepperoni, onion, spinach, feta, garlic, mushrooms, mozzarella (on mine coz I’m a fusspot) and add pineapple & olives to the rest. Delicious! 2015. Photo Credit: C.Langley

Any master chef readers here? I’d love to hear about what creations you guys are creating? Let me know below! Stay tuned for my next Bucket List Item coming soon…

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