Why You Simply Must Consider Travel Insurance!

I’m sure you’ve heard stories from countless travellers and google, the awful things that can and occasionally do go wrong when travelling. From lost luggage to medical injuries, theft to cancelled flights, unfortunately there are ways to really dampen you’re travels and holiday. Fortunately, travel insurance can help and save the day!

Travel Insurance

I’m fortunate enough (and also touching wood) to have never needed to use my travel insurance on any of my trips overseas, I have however always purchased it anyways and am about to purchase for my upcoming trip in October. Some people choose not to, and that is their decision, but I’ve chosen to write this post to demonstrate why it really is one of the most valuable things you can purchase each trip. So here is why you must consider travel insurance before heading overseas:-

Firstly, in terms of air travel, plenty can go wrong. From extremely delayed flights, cancelled flights and lost luggage air travel can very easily turn into a nightmare. Every so often you hear stories of someone losing their valuables in their luggage and never being able to retrieve them or of flights being cancelled with a no refund policy and you being left to fork out the cost to book another flight to get to your chosen location. Travel insurance can help in these situations.

Of course, it depends on your level of cover, insurance company and policy to determine the amounts, but most travel insurance policies will cover the cost to reschedule a flight if it is cancelled through fault not of your own or to reimburse you with funds to get you through until your luggage is found by the airline. Tick 1!

IMG_7297 - Version 2

Brisbane Airport. 2015. Photo Credit: A.Pearce

Secondly, if you for some unfortunate reason need to suddenly return home due to a close family member or travel companion becomes ill or worse, travel insurance can help. They will pay for your flight home and assist with any cancellations that you have had to make because of your homeward journey. Tick 2!

Thirdly, medical bills. Unfortunately, things can go wrong overseas and at some point you may require a doctor or hospital visit for a variety of reasons. Although there usually are conditions (such as if you are injured whilst intoxicated or under influence of an illegal substance you will not be covered) if you are ill or injured whilst overseas your travel insurance will cover your medical bills and often can sought out doctors and specialists to assist you, especially if you are in a non-english speaking country. In the U.S.A. for example, the medical system is incredibly expensive, the last thing you want is to be admitted to hospital overnight just to wake to a medical bill in the thousands! Hooray for travel insurance! Tick 3!

There are so many other reasons that travel insurance really is worth the investment whenever you are travelling overseas. You can also pay to add-on extra coverage if you are doing some activities that aren’t covered in a standard policy. Ski and snow cover is highly recommended if you are hitting the slopes and car insurance is also a wise choice to include if you plan on driving a car, motorbike, scooter or the like whilst overseas. Some googling and policy comparing will ensure that you are getting the right deal, the right coverage and are confident that no matter what goes wrong whilst travelling, you are in good hands!

Global Whispers has used CoverMore policies in the past, however you should always do your research, consult with professionals and decide on a policy that meets your requirements and budget. Travel Insurance is a legally binding contract and therefore you should always seek professional guidance from a travel agent or the like before making a decision.

All posts are by Global Whispers and are entirely my own opinions, views and experiences.


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