My Bucket List Item #5… ✓

Item number 5 was the first item I ticked off my Bucket List and it ended up being a lot easier than I had originally thought. I thought I would start off my list with something very achievable and relatively simple and yet somehow I had not done this before.


Item #5 was to cook a roast meal for my family.

I don’t eat red meat so the only roast I was prepared to cook and eat was a roast chicken. You can always rely on Jamie Oliver and his recipes to produce something to delicious so I found a roast chicken and sides recipe from his ‘Save With Jamie’ cookbook which is full of other wonderful recipes!

IMG_6280 - Version 2

Preparing my road chicken. 2015. Photo Credit: K.Allan

I purchased all the ingredients on the day, prepared everything beforehand after thoroughly reading the recipe multiple times and after 3 hours of cooking, the best part was to come. Eating!

For my first ever roast attempt it was delicious! We even cook our roast vegetables this way now because it tastes so good! Compliment of the night was my mum (the main cook in our house) saying that this roast chicken was better than hers. Seeing my family sitting at the dinner table eating a meal that I had prepared and enjoying it really filled me with pride and I try to cook at home if not for everyone then for myself at least once a week.

IMG_6285 - Version 2

Ta-Da… the finished product! Delicious! 2015. Photo Credit: K.Allan

Successfully ticked Bucket List item #5 ✓ Cook a roast meal for my family off the list and I can’t wait to share how I ticked off Bucket List Item #24 next… Stay tuned!

Did you like this post? Let me know in the comments below and what are you guys ticking off your bucket lists?

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