My Favourite Instagram Accounts

Like many others around the world, I am admittedly Instagram stalking obsessed. I can happily lay in bed and scroll through my newsfeed liking away, getting lost in other people lives, travels and interests only to realise I really should have been asleep over an hour ago, oops!

Here is where I of course, plug my own Instagram account Global Whispers for you to all check out, follow and like anything that tickles your fancy as I love sharing aspects of my life and travels with you all! But I also thought I would share with you my 7 (travel and non-travel related) favourite Instagrammers:- 

1.   Inspiring Wit

Inspiring Wit is a fun, colourful and inspiring feed of photographs by Creative Director Jenelle Witty! From fashion to flat lays, incredible destinations to food, this Instagram account will keep your newsfeed inspiring! Also check out the Inspiring Wit site as well.

Inspiring Wit

Inspiring Wit Instagram Feed. All photos belong to Inspiring Wit.

2.   WishWishWish

Wish Wish Wish is a London travel and style blog by Carrie Harwood who posts loads of photos ranging from her current location in London to delicious treats and often features her favourite outfits and designers. Wish Wish Wish Blog is also worth checking out while you’re at it as well.


WishWishWish Instagram Feed. All photos belong to WishWishWish.

3.   Ben Sheriff

Ben Sheriff’s Instagram feed is a little different to most that I follow… in a good way! I love aviation, flying and planes etc. so the idea of following a travelling pilot on Instagram really fit well. He posts plenty of travel shots from his various holidays and work routes, but also posts incredible photographs from the cockpit and plane itself. I love the different perspective and I’m totally jealous of his job!

Ben Sheriff

Ben Sheriff Instagram Feed. All photos belong to Ben Sheriff

4.   World Of Wanderlust

Brooke Saward has been mentioned on my blog before (and I’m sure will be mentioned time and time again) so it should come as no surprise that her Instagram feed also featured in my favourites list. Brooke has a real talent at taking incredible photographs in beautiful moments and of the incredible places that she visits whilst also mastering the solo traveller selfie shots as well.


World Of Wanderlust Instagram Feed. All photos belong to World Of Wanderlust.

5.   Polka Dot Passport

I only recently discovered Nicola Easterby and her Polkadot Passport Blog and Instagram and it’s quickly become one of my favourites. I love the awesome photos Nicola captures throughout her travels and with her currently travelling throughout the U.S.A. and Europe her newest photos will be amazing I’m sure.

PolkaDot Passport

Polka Dot Passport Instagram Feed. All photos belong to Polka Dot Passport

6.   Emma Kate Co.

With over 20,000 followers, Emma Kate has created a very popular Instagram feed and Emma Kate Co. whilst also writing regularly for the World Of Wanderlust blog as well. Emma takes very creative photos which I love, they are usually a bit different to a lot of the travel photos I see and therefore capture my attention when scrolling through my Instagram feed.

EmmaKate Co

Emma Kate Co Instagram Feed. All photos belong to Emma Kate Co.

7.   Friend In Fashion

Jasmin Howell is the brains behind Friend in Fashion and Instagram of Friend In Fashion. Jasmin has loads of followers on Instagram and her photos often featured in my ‘based on photo’s you liked’ Instagram section. Jasmin travels to some truly amazing locations and has a real knack for photographing the best parts of where she visits, whilst always being amazingly dressed and styled!

Friend In Fashion

Friend In Fashion Instagram Feed. All photos belong to Friend In Fashion.


So what do you guys think? I’d love to hear about your favourite Instagrams to follow! I’m always on the search for more inspiration, so comment below and let me know!


*Please note all photo’s belong to each individual Instagram account and Global Whispers does not take any responsibility  or ownership of these photos*

All posts are by Global Whispers and are entirely my own opinions, views and experiences.


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