Monday Adventure – Natural Bridge, Gold Coast

Working in retail as my current full-time occupation I have 2 days off from work a week, which for me are a Sunday and Monday. Luckily, my previous travel buddy and good friend Emma also has the same work roster as me so Monday’s have quickly and easily become our catch up day. But this particular Monday we didn’t want to do our usual coffee/lunch/catch up date. We were both seeking something a little more. We wanted an adventure! 

IMG_6774 - Version 2

Natural Bridge, Springbrook. 2015. Photo Credit: K.Allan

After deciding that we really both had limited funds but a keen drive to do something a bit different we did some typical googling – “Top things to do on the Gold Coast”, “Free attractions on the Gold Coast” and “Gold Coast adventures” we came to a final option. And a good final choice it was. We decided to go on an adventure to Natural Bridge in the Springbrook National Park on the Gold Coast, Australia (aka ‘home’). 

A rather spontaneous decision, but we were both intrigued and had heard that the view and nature in this area is stunning so were keen to check it out. Preparation was key… wearing Converse always results in nasty blisters and sore toes for me, so armed with band-aids and fluffy socks (and a pair of sandals to wear straight after) I was ready for our little walk.

IMG_6860 - Version 2

Emma & I searching for adventure. 2015. Photo Credit: E.Hamilton

Our first and only hiccup came when we realised after driving north for about 25 minutes that we both didn’t really know where we were going. A quick google map search and we were about 20 minutes further than we needed to be. A quick U-Turn at McWang Road (Yes, this is a real street much to my amusement) and we were back in the right direction with google maps by our side. Heading inland is really beautiful and a nice change of scenery for the hustle and bustle of the usual city life however I quickly realised how inland we were when my phone switched to SOS only mode.

IMG_6835 - Version 2

Emma & I at the top of the waterfall. 2015. Photo Credit: Lovely stranger

The walk itself is easy, with a guided path and staircases during the descent. Surrounded by beautiful trees, rock formations, flowers and wildlife, you quickly get a feeling of how worth it this trip will be. After crossing a bridge that runs over the creek from the waterfall, we arrived at Natural Bridge.

Having rained quite recently on the Gold Coast, the waterfall was rushing making the view of the natural rock arch and waterfall incredible. Having lived on the Gold Coast most of my life, seeing this side of it was something special. Being a weekday, this spot isn’t filled the hustle and bustle of locals and tourists filling in their time on the weekends so I’d definitely recommend visiting during the week if possible.

IMG_6767 - Version 2

Natural Bridge, Springbrook. 2015. Photo Credit: E.Hamilton

Natural Bridge is also home to glow-worms at night which I have heard is an experience not to be missed and one I definitely want to see for myself soon. The circuit follows back up above Natural Bridge so you can get a good glimpse of the waterfall that flows into this beautiful area fuelling Cave Creek.

IMG_6801 - Version 2

Waterfall fueling Cave Creek. 2015. Photo Credit: K.Allan

I’m sure we will definitely venture back up to Springbrook soon to visit the rest of the National Park and do some of the other walks and hikes to other beautiful vantage points and look outs. It was really nice to get out and explore ‘your own backyard’ instead of venturing to distant places to fulfil that travel itch and need for adventure.

All posts are by Global Whispers and are entirely my own opinions, views and experiences.


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