Why travel? The real question is – why not?

It was only a few years ago that I had never owned a passport, googled pictures of overseas destinations, was green-eyed with jealousy towards my friends who had travelled and I had never stepped foot outside this country. But, then after graduating university after 3 years of study straight after 12 years of schooling, a break-up that had left me utterly heartbroken and a little bit of spontaneity with my travel buddy Angela, I took the plunge and booked my first ever flight overseas. Honestly… it was the best decision I have made in my 23 years of living.

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Yes – it was quite spontaneous (I still remember me discussing the idea with my dad and him laughing and shrugging it off, thinking it probably wouldn’t happen), yes – I didn’t exactly budget properly (lesson learnt), yes – there were some hiccups along the way, but it was what truly sparked my love for travelling and seeing what this world has to offer. And for that, all of the reasons that led me to booking that ticket, I am thankful for.

I’ve never really understood people who haven’t ventured outside their own backyard (figuratively of course ha!) or people who have no desire to experience and learn from people and cultures around the globe. Maybe that’s just me, but more often than not, people who travel fall into a whirlwind romance with what travelling gives you.

So why travel? My response – Why not?

What is holding you back from leaving the comfort of your city to explore? Because I can almost guarantee you that every reason you come up with can be solved and allow you to approach travelling with a ‘can do’ and ‘why not’ attitude.

      I can’t afford to travel?

I disagree. Whilst everyone earns different incomes depending on their job role, industry, age and state/country of work, you can make travelling a reality, it just takes some dedication and patience. Sure, if you’re earning little money each week and can’t save much each time (we’ll get to this soon) then a 3 month luxury trip to Europe probably isn’t a realistic short-term goal (not yet anyways). However, a weekend interstate in a few months time is a much more realistic goal and allows you to still explore somewhere new.

    I’m terrible at saving and I can’t save enough to go anywhere.

Then you’re doing it wrong. Saving doesn’t happen overnight (unless you win the lotto) and it really does take a lot of sacrifice and commitment. But it’s definitely worth it. A little each week and a little more some weeks will get you there, you just need to be strict on yourself.

      I don’t have anyone to travel with.

Do you dislike your own company that much to sacrifice an adventure somewhere new? I didn’t think so. However, I will admit… I used to think the same. I thought it was crazy to travel somewhere alone, where’s the fun in that? But the freedom of doing exactly what you want to do, getting to really know yourself and your own company and testing your courage is exactly why you should do it. It’s also exactly why in 2015 I will be travelling solo for the first time.

      Travelling isn’t safe.

Hopping into a car and crossing the road also aren’t safe. Do you still do it? Exactly. Travel is definitely safe, you just need to have your wits about you to stay out of trouble.

      I don’t know where to go.

Welcome to my blog Global Whispers! And to many other travel blogs out there for a bit of wanderlust inspiration and handy tips to help you work out where in this world you want to see most. Google is also a great research tool for destinations, things to do, visa requirements, accommodation and restaurants.

      I don’t know where to start.

Starting is the easy part. I personally love the planning stages of a vacation/trip (could be thanks to my events management degree) but I know plenty of people who hate it. Luckily, travel agents are there to do all the hard work for you and can often find you incredible deals, are informed on the visa and entry requirements if heading overseas and can suggest some attractions or destinations that you may not have previously considered.

     I’m too focused on my studies/career/family.

I get it. Travel isn’t everyone’s number 1 priority in life. But that doesn’t mean that you should put the dream aside for another day because more than likely you’ll get to 70 years old and retired and wonder what could have been if you had just gone away for a while or visited a certain destination. You don’t have to travel forever, a small vacation overseas, studying abroad or a family weekend adventure is all it takes to satisfy those itchy feet, even when there are other important things in life for you.

So after all of this, do you still have any excuses to not set off on an adventure somewhere?                    I didn’t think so. 

All posts are by Global Whispers and are entirely my own opinions, views and experiences.

Did you enjoy this post? Please let me know in the comments below or via the star rating at the top of the post. This is a more personal/reflective kind of post for me and I’d love to know if you enjoyed it! 🙂


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