My 2015 Travel Destination Wishlist

With 2014 so quickly over and 2015 already here I’m definitely thinking about where I plan to visit and dream to visit throughout the year. I’ve always said to my friends and family that if someone asked me to go somewhere on a holiday or to explore, there aren’t many places I’d decline to go. I’ve already locked in one trip so far in 2015, but with 365 days in the year, there’s plenty more travel time available to fill.


So here’s my 2015 travel destination wish list:- 

   1. Thailand

The dream, watch the sunset over the ocean, cocktail in hand, lounging on a beach chair. Thailand is one of my must do destinations in 2015. It’s relatively cheap to do in comparison to other destinations and has so much to offer visitors.

  2. South Africa

This is one destination that I will not budge on. I simply HAVE to visit South Africa and hopefully this is the year that it happens. I need to go on Safari. I need to great white shark cage dive and I need to visit table top mountain (not really need, just really, really, really, really want to). Please universe, allow this to happen! 🙂

  3. Hawaii

Hawaii was always somewhere I’ve wanted to go to experience a different side of America. From a traditional Luau, exploring the surrounding volcanoes and simply relaxing on the beach, Hawaii is a destination I must visit in 2015.

I haven’t been everywhere,
but it’s on my list.
-Susan Sontag

  4. Sydney

I know loads of people who have visited, lived before or currently live in Sydney and hearing about the shopping, food, people and nightlife has really tickled my fancy lately. I definitely want to experience all Sydney has to offer including the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach, Opera House and perhaps a day trip to the Blue Mountains, yes please!

  5. New Zealand

I know plenty of kiwis who rave about their homeland and for good reason, New Zealand looks incredible. Only 3 hours flight from my home town on the Gold Coast, there really is no reason why visiting New Zealand in 2015 can’t be achieved.

  6. Berlin

Berlin was somewhere that, admittedly, I knew very little about however, some recent research has sparked my inner travel bug to visit Berlin, yes… but to visit at Christmas time would be the ultimate adventure. The Berlin Christmas markets are world-renowned and another white Christmas definitely would be something I’d love to do again.

  7. Paris

Yes, I’ve been already. Yes, I did some of the must do Paris attractions. Yes, it was amazing. However, I feel like I haven’t truly experienced all Paris has to offer and definitely have not spent enough time in this city exploring. 2015, Paris could definitely be on the agenda!

All posts are by Global Whispers and are entirely my own opinions, views and experiences.


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