7 Travel Bloggers That I Love!

Being a newbie in the blogging world, sometimes its tough to work out your bearings and establish yourself. I find myself consistently inspired and excited by some of my favourite bloggers every time I venture to their sites/Instagram pages/Twitter pages to see where they are and what they’ve been up to. While I’m sure there are plenty of inspiring travel blogs around for me to still discover, these are my 7 favourite travel bloggers that I’m sure you’ll all love to! (But don’t forget me of course :P)


1. World Of Wanderlust – Brooke Saward

My all time favourite travel blogger! I’ve been following Brooke’s blog for a while now and find myself checking regularly to see where she is and what she’s doing. Brooke is the reason that I personally decided to start writing about my travels because I saw how passionate she was and how much she loved it and felt I could relate. I also love her vlogs and instagram as I find it really easy to experience a place from her videos and photos! Definitely check out her blog for loads of travel inspo!

2. The Travelista – Jess Gibson

Jess and her blog recently won ‘Highly Commended Travel Blog’ at the 2014 Cosmopolitan Blog Awards and it’s easy to see why! Her blog is full of beautiful photographs and inspiring articles. Her style of writing is very personable and I love that about her blog. She’s constantly uploading incredible photo on her instagram page as well which is a nice addition to my morning instagram news feed scroll before I head to my retail job.

3. Emily Luxton Travel Blog – Emily Luxton

I stumbled upon this travel blog while doing some googling and absolutely loved it. Emily has travelled to so many interesting places and has loads of helpful tips for travellers and fellow bloggers. I love the Postcard From… section of her blog as it gives other bloggers an opportunity to feature on her site in an interview format to discuss one of their travel adventures and get their name out there.

4. The Blonde Abroad – Kiersten

One of the coolest blogs I’ve discovered, Kiersten’s blog is super interactive with bright pictures, scrolling photos, videos and loads of travel advice. She’s a bubbly Californian and her personality shines through in her blog posts. She’s worked with loads of companies and has visited 40 countries! Impressive!

5. Tuula Vintage – Jessica Stein

Jessica is a travel and fashion blogger so seeing a mix of travel posts and style posts can be quite refreshing. She’s recently worked with Michael Kors (super jealous) and you can shop most of her looks straight from her site. Her photos are stunning and her instagram feed is super glamorous, which I love flicking through!


Photo courtesy of Tuula Facebook page


6. Hand Luggage Only – Lloyd & Yaya

This blog is bright and quirky which makes it so appealing. The graphics are fantastic as are the photographs and blog posts. I love this blog because it also features food with loads of restaurant reviews all over the world. They also dabble in a bit of home inspo as well for something a bit different and fun!

Photo courtesy of Hand Luggage Only Facebook page

Photo courtesy of Hand Luggage Only Facebook page

7. Wood And Luxe – Phoebe Greenacre

One of my most recent discoveries on instagram, Phoebe’s instagram and twitter feed led me to checking out her blog and it is impressive! I love the count section on her homepage showing how many cities & countries she’s visited and her photos always get my travel inspo flowing!


Photo courtesy of http://www.woodandluxe.com

Β All posts are by Global Whispers 2014 and are entirely my own opinions, views and experiences.

Comment below any blogs you guys love or even your own blog! I’m always looking for more people bitten by the travel bug like me! πŸ™‚


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