Santorini, Greek Islands

The Greek Islands see swarms of tourists year round visiting for the incredible weather, authentic food and to witness some of the most incredible views and sites in the world. After visiting Santorini (officially known as Thira) I can safely say that this island is one of the most beautiful places I have visited. Santorini is what remains from a volcano eruption that wiped out much of the island. Santorini is accessible by boat or plane (one of the few Greek Islands with a small airport and runway) and is definitely a must visit destination whilst visiting Greece and the Greek Islands.

View of Santorini. 2012. Photo Credit: K.Allan

View of Santorini. 2012. Photo Credit: K.Allan

Although I only spent 2 days in Santorini, I can definitely say that these are my 7 top sites and attractions in Santorini:- 

  1. Watch the sunset

    This is number one for a reason! The view of the sun setting is beautiful and you absolutely have to witness it at least once whilst on the island. Admittedly, I was unprepared for the extreme wind chill when the sun was setting and was ridiculously cold in just my dress so I recommend taking a jacket or jumper to have on while watching the sunset to make it more enjoyable, oh and make sure you’re sipping on plenty of cocktails!

    Santorini Sunset. 2012. Photo Credit: K.Allan

    Santorini Sunset. 2012. Photo Credit: K.Allan

  2. Visit Red Beach

    One of the tourist hot spots in Santorini, Red Beach is one of the prettiest beaches you’ll come across on the island. You have to trek down the cliff side on foot but its relatively easy (I walked it wearing thongs or flip-flops for all you non-aussies). The beach is quite small so crowds form quickly but the water is worth the visit alone. Crystal blue with many rock formations, Red Beach is also great for snorkelling.

    Red Sand Beach. 2012. Photo Credit: K.Allan

    Red Sand Beach. 2012. Photo Credit: K.Allan

  3. Explore Fira and Oia

    Fira is the capital city of Santorini and is hugely popular for its postcard views of white buildings, blue domed rooftops and the beautiful Agean Sea in the background. Oia is also a popular city with similar views and an incredible view of the sun setting from many locations. Both feature great bargain shopping, greek cuisine and beautiful scenery no matter where you are.

  4. Experience a Fish Spa

    Fish spa’s are common throughout Greece and you should give them a try. I have a huge dislike for feet so the idea of little fish nibbling my feet petrified me, but it was an experience I won’t forget quickly. Whilst I hated the fact they were eating my feet, afterwards my skin was so soft and clean and its something I can say I have experienced now. Fish spa’s are hugely popular and most people on my Contiki Tour loved it.

    Fish Spa experience with my buddy Angela. 2012. Photo Credit: E. Blowers

    Fish Spa experience with my buddy Angela. 2012. Photo Credit: E. Blowers

  5. Take a wine tour

    The climate in Santorini makes it an ideal area to grow grapes, therefore wine is a huge business with some of the most delicious wines available. A tour of the many wineries on the island will not disappoint, often including taste testing and nibbles to enjoy whilst visiting. Bottles can usually be purchased cheaply after the tours as well and you know exactly which wine it was you enjoyed!

  6. Visit Kamari Beach (Black Sand Beach)

    Another one of Santorini’s incredible beaches, Black Sand Beach is exactly that… a beach of black sand. Sun lounges and umbrellas line the sand and the water is the exact cool refreshment you need after lying on the beach. Make sure you have some footwear on your feet when walking around though, black sand and sunlight = very hot sand on your feet. Order a cocktail and some lunch and relax here for half the day, not a bad way to see one of the biggest tourist attractions in Santorini.

    Kamari Beach. 2012. Photo Credit: K.Allan

    Kamari Beach. 2012. Photo Credit: K.Allan

  7. Eat as much Greek food as you possibly can!

    If i haven’t mentioned previously I’ll say it now, Greek food is one of my favourite cuisines! There is nothing better than Greek Feta, zucchini balls, friend Sagnaki to name a few. Incredible Seafood can be found in Santorini if it tickles your fancy. Eat as much Greek as you can, with most restaurants serving traditional Greek food and modern takes, you can’t go wrong no matter where you choose to eat.

Santorini has so much beauty and history to offer those who visit. You won’t be let down by a visit to Santorini and you absolutely must visit this incredible part of Greece.

All posts are by Global Whispers and are entirely my own opinions, views and experiences.


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