Tips For Planning A Holiday Or Vacation

I am currently trying to organise a quick weekend trip to Sydney next month to keep my travel itch under control and even though it’s only a weekend getaway, I thought I’d share with you guys my processes and steps that I use when planning a trip, be it nationally or internationally. Everyone is different, but a little bit of preparation never hurt anyone and I enjoy the planning process of a holiday anyways (thanks to my Event Management degree I think!).


The best part is departure day! 2014. Photo Credit: D.Allan

I personally find being organised and planning from the get go makes the trip or holiday run smoothly and generally hassle free. Here’s how:-

  1. Research the destination

    First things first, where do you want to go? What do you want to see? Why do you want to go there? Picking your destinations and researching them beforehand will only benefit your travels. It’s not ideal to book a holiday to Thailand during rainy season, or book a trip to Canada to see the snow only to find you’ve booked in summer. Research is key in determining your final destination choices.

  2. Work out your budget

    So you’ve picked your destinations and when you want to go. Next step is working out approximately how much money you’ll need for flights, transport, accommodation and attractions and then establishing if you can actually afford to save the money for the time you want to go.

  3. Book flights as early as possible

    Flights are always cheaper months in advance in comparison to just a couple of weeks. If you can plan your travels early and book your flights you can save hundreds of dollars and get a good selection of flights to choose from. The same goes for other means of transport like train tickets or bus tickets as well.

  4. Book your first couple of  accommodations (at least)

    Accommodation becomes a lot more expensive closer to the date unless you’re wanting to risk last-minute rooms (which is a huge risk in my opinion). Booking a little while in advance will definitely help you save some cash and also ensure you definitely have somewhere to stay upon arrival for your holiday.

  5. Organise visa’s/passports etc.

    Depending on where you’re going you may require a visa or waiver to allow you entry into the country which more often than not needs to be organised, applied for and in some cases paid for well in advance. You don’t want to travel somewhere just to be rejected and sent home on arrival. Also, make sure you have a valid and in date passport when travelling internationally, expired passports aren’t accepted and again, you’ll be sent straight back to where you came from, what a bummer!

  6. Make a packing list

    Work out what you’re wanting to take with you on your trip before the night before/day of leaving. This gives you time to purchase any last-minute necessities or favourites that you might not have access to where you’re going. It also gives you the opportunity to cut back on what you’re taking before you leave, rather than throwing things out of your bag at the airport.

  7. Enjoy the wait and the countdown

    Although at the time waiting for the day of departure is awful, always takes too long and makes those hours at work tick by that little bit slower, enjoy this time. You’ve worked had for your trip and it will always go so quickly no matter how long you go for. The countdown is important too!

All posts are by Global Whispers and are entirely my own opinions, views and experiences.

What do you guys do when organising your trips and getaways? Comment below and let me know! 🙂


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