I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas… In Whistler

For many, many years now I have always dreamed of experiencing a ‘white Christmas’ with a warm roast lunch, a fire burning and snow falling all around. This however, is not possible on the Gold Coast, Australia with a tropical summer climate falling on December 25th every year. So, it was decided to travel to North America in the winter season and celebrate Christmas where it was almost always guaranteed to snow, Whistler in Canada.

Christmas Day at the winter Olympic rings. 2013. Photo Credit: A.Pearce

Christmas Day at the winter Olympic rings. 2013. Photo Credit: A.Pearce

Christmas isn’t very far away now, so I thought I’d share with my wonderful readers the best parts (and some tips of course!) of my first ever white Christmas so you guys can plan and experience the same winter wonderland for Christmas. 

Australia Christmas Skype

This was my first christmas away from my friends and family and while it was an amazing experience, it does make you feel a little homesick. I skyped my family on Christmas Eve in Whistler which is Christmas Day in Australia and had a chat with my extended family. Definitely makes Christmas that little bit more special while away when you’re able to wish them all a wonderful day of celebrations and food. I found Skype the best app to contact home as all my family had access to an iPad or computers so we could visually see each other, otherwise Viber is another great option if you just want to talk.

Christmas Lunch & Dinner

3 became 4 for Christmas, with Ashley venturing off to Lake Louise to see her boyfriend. The 3 of us decided we’d have a non-traditional Christmas lunch and then a delicious and white Christmas traditional warm dinner. After venturing through Whistler in the day we chose a mexican restaurant named Mexican Corner for lunch, which I definitely recommend, the food was plentiful and delicious! We then chose a later dinner time (as we had booked very late and didn’t mind going later) at Three Below where we were given a salad entrée, roast dinner for main including ham, turkey and roast vegetables and berry crumble dessert. Christmas crackers were also provided and added to the fun and a few drinks later, Christmas feast was complete.

IMG_0614 - Version 2

Christmas Dinner at … with Angela. 2013. Photo Credit: A.Barton

Christmas Peak To Peak

We weren’t about to sit in our hotel room on Christmas Day so we decided to catch the gondola up Whistler mountain to explore in the snow and then catch the Peak2Peak gondola to Blackcomb mountain and then come back down to the village for lunch. It was snowing lightly throughout the day and the view between the two mountains is incredible. We chose to wait for a glass bottom gondola but to be honest, it didn’t make that much of a difference as the view from the windows in the normal gondolas was just as good and more panoramic. We found the Winter Olympic Games rings and Inuksuk statue whilst exploring and there were plenty of people on the slopes skiing and snowboarding throughout the day.

IMG_1029 - Version 2

View from the Peak to Peak Gondola. 2013. Photo Credit: K.Allan

Santa Claus is coming to town…

Christmas isn’t complete without Santa Claus right? You can imagine our delight when we saw a flyer saying that Santa was paying a visit to our hotel on Christmas EveWe only just caught him before he was off again but a white Christmas photo experience is a must do when having a white Christmas!

IMG_0590 - Version 2

Santa Claus came to our hotel, Crystal Lodge. 2013. Photo Credit: A.Pearce

Do you wanna build a snowman?

A childhood dream of mine has always been to build a snowman. I built a miniature hand-held snowman when visiting the Swiss Alps in 2012, but it just wasn’t quite the snowman I was wanting. Christmas morning, Angela and myself ventured outside our hotel, found a huge snow patch and built our ‘Junior’ snowman Frederik Jr. We only had time to build a ‘snow boy’ but it was still fun and adorably cute. We both felt awful walking away from him when it was time to leave though!

IMG_1046 - Version 2

Our snowman, Frederik Jr. 2013. Photo Credit: A.Barton

Christmas treats

One of the best parts about Christmas is the festivities and Christmas spirit that engulfs a city, town or village. Whistler embraces Christmas with many shops being decorated and playing Christmas carols and the local Starbucks serving pumpkin spiced beverages and christmas themed treats including gingerbread men, candy cane cookies and (as seen below) snow man cookies! Yum!

IMG_0584 - Version 2

Christmas Starbucks goodies. 2013. Photo Credit: A.Barton

Snow, snow, glorious snow!

Honestly, the best part about winter in Whistler was the fact it was exactly that… Winter and snowing while we were in Whistler. It’s an experience I’ll never have in Australia and it truly feels completely different putting on winter coats and boots, walking through the snow and eating warm Christmas dinner compared to the scorching heat, seafood lunches and beach festivities that is Christmas in Australia. Whistler is a winter wonderland and was a fantastic choice to celebrate our first ever white Christmas.

Whistler Village. 2013. Photo Credit: K.Allan

Whistler Village. 2013. Photo Credit: K.Allan

Global Whispers chose to stay at the Crystal Lodge & Suites whilst staying in Whistler; 4154 Village Green, Whistler, BC V0N 1B4

  All posts are by Global Whispers and are entirely my own opinions, views and experiences.


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