Tinseltown, Hollywood

Hollywood has since forever ago been the stomping ground for the rich and famous and therefore a huge tourist destination in Los Angeles, California. Home to some of the biggest entertainment companies including Universal, Capitol Records and Paramount, Hollywood quickly became the centre of the film and music industries. Nowadays, Hollywood is flocked with tourists hoping to catch a glimpse of an A-List celebrity going about their everyday life or to see the many attractions in this area of town.

The Hollywood Sign. 2013. Photo Credit: K.Allan

The Hollywood Sign. 2013. Photo Credit: K.Allan

Hollywood is a fun and enticing city to visit with heaps to see and do so here’s my 7 sites to visit in Hollywood… Lights, Camera, Action!:- 

  1. Hollywood Sign

    The Hollywood sign is an international recognised landmark and therefore, tourists flock to see it, as they should! Each letter is around 14 metres (45 feet) tall and has been standing (although restored) since 1923. Originally, the sign said ‘Hollywoodland’ however, a landslide demolished the last 4 letters and so it is now the Hollywood sign we all know. To get the best photos of the sign there are many places to go, you can hike close to the sign in Griffith Park, photograph it from a distance at the Hollywood and Highland Centre or from Runyon Canyon Park and many other locations.

    The Hollywood Sign. 2014. Photo Credit: K.Allan

    The Hollywood Sign. 2014. Photo Credit: K.Allan

  2. TCL Chinese Theatre

    Known until 2013 as the Graumans Chinese Theatre since its opening in 1927, the TCL Chinese Theatres has been a sought after location for film premieres ever since. Located along Hollywood Boulevard and the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the theatre nowadays has tourists everywhere visiting the handprints and footprints in the cement of some of the most famous celebrities out the front. You can also tour the inside of the theatre and view Imax films.

    TCL Chinese Theatre. 2014. Photo Credit: K.Allan

    TCL Chinese Theatre. 2014. Photo Credit: K.Allan

  3. Hollywood Walk of Fame

    The Hollywood Walk of Fame is another fun attraction in Hollywood with over 2,500 stars located along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. Celebrities and entertainment professionals are recognised for their work by being selected by a board of panelists each year after being nominated. Star ceremonies happen usually monthly, with around 20-24 stars added to the walk each year. It’s not a short walk however, so if you’re looking for a particular star, I recommend finding out the stars exact location first.

    Robin Williams Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star the day after his passing. 2014. Photo Credit: K.Allan

    Robin Williams Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star the day after his passing. 2014. Photo Credit: K.Allan


    Ellen Degeneres Hollywood Walk of Fame Star. 2014. Photo Credit: K.Allan

  4. Griffith Observatory

    Griffith Observatory is a facility located in Griffith Park that offers visitors with information about space and science with many different exhibits. It also offers an amazing view of Hollywood and a sunset hike is offered by a park ranger daily. Griffith Observatory is a free attraction in Hollywood and is a fun and knowledgeable experience.

  5. Universal Studios Hollywood

    Universal Studios Hollywood is a theme park attraction that you must visit! With some of your favourite characters including The Simpsons, Transformers, Despicable Me and Marilyn Monroe, the park really demonstrates some of the great films from Universal. The Studio Tour is highly recommended and The Mummy roller coaster and Jurassic Park ride are two of my favourites. Tickets start at US$139 for a one day general pass.

    Universal Studios. 2014. Photo Credit: E.Hamilton

    Universal Studios. 2014. Photo Credit: E.Hamilton

  6. Dolby Theatre

    The Dolby Theatre is most famously the home for the Academy Awards (The Oscars for those who don’t know) since 2002 and is a 5 level theatre located within the Highland Centre. It also has been the venue of the American Idol finals, the BET awards and concert venue for artists such as Alicia Keys,  Celine Dion, Stevie Wonder, Prince and many broadway productions. Tours of the theatre are offered 7 days a week for around US$19 per adult, where you can see one of the famous Oscar statues up close.

  7. Hollywood Wax Museum

    This wax museum is the longest running wax museum in the United States, and with a title like that, why wouldn’t you visit? This museum is devoted entirely to celebrity figures and A-List celebrities such as Angeline Jolie, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Ben Stiller, Orlando Bloom, Emma Stone, The Ninja Turtles, Leonardo Di Caprio and (for those Aussies reading) Steve Irwin. Tickets are US$17 per adult however, you can purchase a Hollywood VIP pass for access to two other Hollywood attractions, Guinness World Records Museum and Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

    Angelina Jolie's Wax Figure. 2014. Photo Credit: K.Allan

    Angelina Jolie’s Wax Figure. 2014. Photo Credit: K.Allan

Whether you’re into shopping, music, broadway, films or just celebrity spotting, Hollywood has something for everyone and should definitely be a destination visited whilst visiting Los Angeles. Who knows, you just might spot Taylor Swift popping into Starbucks or Liam Hemsworth heading to a cafe for lunch or Brad Pitt being inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame or…. (I could go on forever and dream)

Global Whispers chose to stay at the Hilton Garden Inn in Hollywood whilst visiting Hollywood.

All posts are by Global Whispers and are entirely my own opinions, views and experiences.


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