7 Ways To Waste Time At Airports

Any well seasoned traveller knows that airport stop over times can be a nightmare, long and make you cranky for your flight. A stop over more than 2 hours is long can really be a downer to the start or end of your holiday.


Plane selfies waste time right? About to begin our 12 hour flight to LA. 2014. Photo Credit: K.Allan

With hours to kill in the one place, with nowhere else to possibly go here are my 7 ways to waste time in airports:-

  1. Check out duty-free

    If travelling overseas, duty-free is definitely worth checking out. No country taxes and generally cheaper than home. Make sure you look at alcohol, makeup, jewellery, chocolates and fragrances to pick up some bargains! Be sure to double-check your countries allowances and the rules if you have stop overs.

  2. Walk around

    You’re about to be sitting in a plane thousands of feet in the air for some amount of hours so why not walk around, get your blood pumping and your body moving while you can with ease? Your body will thank you for the movement, i guarantee it!

  3. Stock up on flight snacks and entertainment

    I’m the kind of person that doesn’t particularly enjoy plane food (as stated above) so grabbing some snacks before I board the plane is essential. I also find that there are only so many hours you can fill with watching the TV shows and movies supplied on those long-haul flights, so I make sure I have music, iBooks and game apps downloaded onto my phone to get me through. Buying and downloading these whilst waiting at the airport is sure to take up some time!

  4. Sleep – cautiously

    Can’t sleep on planes but your travel buddies can? Whilst waiting at your gate, ask one of them to stay awake while you lie down (on the chairs, on the floor, wherever you can!) and have a nap and they can watch and keep guard of your carry on bag. I say sleep cautiously, especially if you’re alone, because you don’t want to miss your flights boarding time and because there are some shifty people out there (unfortunately) who will try to steal from you whilst you’re off in dreamland.

  5. Use the internet

    Most busy airports have a wi-fi connection for passengers who are arriving, departing or in transit to use whilst waiting at their terminals. Most will supply at least 30 minutes for free, you’ll just have to watch a promo video or sign up your email address. Once your time is up you can purchase more time usually at a pretty high fee so its best to plan when you’re going to use your free wi-fi time for when you’re not walking around, getting food etc. and are literally just sitting at your gate waiting.

  6. Eat non-plane food

    Let’s be honest, economy plane food is never something to look forward to no matter how hard airlines try to make it appealing. I always have some snacks in my carry-on luggage to nibble on through out the flight and if I know I’m definitely not in the mood for plane meals, I grab something at the airport before boarding and scrap the plane meal, I’m usually much happier with the food and it takes up some more airport waiting time.

    Eating my Disneyland Sugar Cookie at San Francisco Airport. 2014. Photo Credit: E.Hamilton

    Eating my Disneyland Sugar Cookie at San Francisco Airport. 2014. Photo Credit: E.Hamilton

  7. Purchase souvenirs and gifts

    Check out the gift shops for some quirky souvenirs and gifts to take home or to your next destination. Sometimes, the random places we end up stopping can hold some of the most unusual and funny gifts, even if you didn’t actually see the area, you can still say you’ve been there… at the airport at least. And searching through all the items takes up some more time aswell!

I hope this helps you guys at least waste a little bit of time at the airport. You can always spend hours reading my posts to get you through waiting for your flight as well 😉

All posts are by GlobalWhispers2014 and are entirely my own opinions, views and experiences.


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