A Little Closer To Home; Fraser Island, Australia

I thought I’d change it up a bit and write about somewhere a little closer to home. In my home state of Queensland in Australia, you will find the amazing Fraser Island just off the coast of Hervey Bay. It is considered to be the worlds largest sand island and is a World Heritage site with some of the cleanest freshwater lakes in the world. Although I last visited whilst in high school in 2008 (*shudders at old age*) I still vividly remember how much I loved it there back then and how much I want to go back now!


View from Indian Head. 2008. Photo Credit: K.Allan

In 2008 my Year 12 (final year of high school) Geography class went to Fraser Island on Geography Camp. We were there to learn and report on the impact of tourists on the island which back then was having a detrimental effect on the island.

Keep reading to see 7 must do’s on Fraser Island:-

  1. Dingo’s

    With less than 150 pure bred dingoes said to be left on the island, seeing one in the ‘wild’ is a spectacle in itself. It is forbidden to feed, leave rubbish for them to eat or interact with the animals, and is an offence (that can incur fines) so keep this in mind even though many seem used to human interaction. However, there are tours operated for you to see and photograph one of Fraser Island’s most popular animals.

  2. Lake McKenzie

    Is one of the most beautiful lake’s I’ve been to! With clear blue waters and pale white sands, Lake McKenzie is a unique body of water for a number of reasons. Being a perched lake, it is only filled with rainwater with no connections to the ocean or streams. It is also said that the sands are a fantastic exfoliator and great to soften your hair. Bonus!

    Lake McKenzie. 2008. Photo Credit: K.Allan

    Lake McKenzie. 2008. Photo Credit: K.Allan

  3. Hammerstone Sandbow & Lake Wabby

    One destination worth trekking for! Hammerstone Sandblow refers to the large sand dune looking over Lake Wabby.  You can trek over this (huge) sand dune to get to the beautiful lake, but i do recommend being equipped and ready for quite a challenging walk. Bring lots of water, a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen as the glare from the sun on the sand is quite intense. Once you arrive at Lake Wabby, you won’t be disappointed. Lake Wabby is the deepest lake on Fraser Island and after walking across the sand dunes, a dip in the lake will be a luxury.

    Hammerstone Sandbow Sand Dunes. 2008. Photo Credit: K.Allan

    Hammerstone Sandbow Sand Dunes. 2008. Photo Credit: K.Allan


    Lake Wabby. 2008. Photo Credit: K.Allan

  4. Indian Head

    Indian Head is a coastal headland on Fraser Island offering amazing views for those looking to see whales, dolphins, sharks and much more. The view looking back at the island is incredible and worth the climb to the top of the headland.

  5. Eli Creek

    Another of Fraser Island’s fresh water creeks, Eli Creek was made for tourists to enjoy. You can choose to swim down the creek until it meets the ocean at the end or wooden walkways have been built along the creek for those who want to stay dry.

  6. Whale Watching

    From Indian Head, whales can be spotted miles out to see as the pass along the island during their annual migration from Antarctica to the warmer Queensland waters. There are many tours that operate during this particular time of year to ensure you have the best opportunities to see these beautiful animals.

  7. Maheno Shipwreck

    Officially known as the SS Maheno, this ship unfortunately got the bad end of a cyclone and ended up beached on Fraser Island in 1935. Nowadays, much of the shipwreck has been destroyed or disintegrated due to mainly natural elements. Stunning photos can be taken here and it’s a little bit of history, beached on Fraser Island.

Maheno Shipwreck. 2008. Photo Credit: K.Allan

Maheno Shipwreck. 2008. Photo Credit: K.Allan

World Heritage listed Fraser Island has so much to offer those who visit. It is truly a unique place to visit and one of the top things to do whilst in Australia. One of natures truly remarkable feats, a few days here will be relaxing, breathtaking and unforgettable.

I’ve loved writing about a location a little closer to home for me! Comment below if you’d love to see more posts about Australia!

All posts are by GlobalWhispers2014 and are entirely my own opinions, views and experiences.


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