Travel Must-Do’s Wherever You Go

More often than not we spend so much time planning, researching and saving for our getaways and adventures that when the time comes we forget the very basics of what ‘travelling’ really is. I’m a firm believer of seeing the world as I think everywhere has something different to offer those who seek it, but there are a few common must do’s that you should definitely embrace when travelling anywhere.


Capilano Suspension Bridge. 2012. Photo Credit: A.Pointer

So here are my 7 travel must do’s no matter where in the world you are:-

  1. Take a moment to take it all in

    Take some time to relax and let the fact that you are finally at your chosen destination. You’ve worked hard to be here and have chosen this location for a reason. Smell the flowers and local cuisine, take in the bright lights of the city and streets and enjoy just being where you probably never thought you would ever get to!

  2. Get lost

    It’s just as fun to roam the streets and wander down different pathways without a map. Half the fun is finding your way back whilst enjoying your surroundings that with a map you probably never would have seen. You could have never known about that amazing restaurant, or awesome market stalls in the streets surrounding you with a map. In saying this, don’t be silly and wander dark alleyways at all hours of the night… Be sensible!

  3. Take too many photos


    Camera at the ready, Harry Potter Studio Tour, London. 2012. Photo Credit: A.Barton

    Definitely take photos of anything that captures your eye, whether it be a tourist attraction, hotel, people-watching or an amazing meal, you can never have too many photos to go through later on and edit, filter and keep as memories forever.

  4. Be present

    With tip number 3 also comes this step as there is nothing worse than looking back at a holiday or trip to realise you saw the entire thing through a camera lens. Put it away after a few shots and truly take in the moment, the scenery, the people and your surroundings.

  5. Talk to the locals

    No one knows the country, city or town better than those who have lived and breathed it for years or even their whole life. Mingle with the locals in the street, waiters at a restaurant, bartenders at the bar and assistants in shops to really get a taste of what your destination is all about. More often than not they will have great insider tips on places you must see that you never would have known existed and places to avoid!

  6. Do something different

    You’re somewhere completely new so why not do something that you normally wouldn’t? It could be eating a new type of dish or cuisine to trying a thrill sport like skydiving or bungee jumping. Whatever it is, it will make you feel even more accomplished and leave another lasting memory on your time in that place. Plus it’s another story to tell!

    Skiing for the 2nd time ever in Whistler, Canada. 2013. Photo Credit: A.Pointer

    Skiing for the 2nd time ever in Whistler, Canada. 2013. Photo Credit: A.Pointer

  7. Do what you want

    When travelling solo this one is easy, as you can do exactly that. Eat where you like, visit where you please and begin and end your days all at your own discretion. Travelling with others make this tip a little more difficult however this is where travelling someone who knows you, has similar interests and likes comes in handy. If all else fails, compromise is key, that way you can still do at least half of the things you wanted and discover some new wants that you never would have known.


I feel if you follow the above tips as a guide you’ll truly appreciate your time wherever you choose and will create plenty more and different memories than you would have if you’d purely read a map and seen the ‘tourist attractions’ (although you definitely shouldn’t miss those!)

All posts are by GlobalWhispers2014 and are entirely my own opinions, views and experiences.


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