My Nonnegotiable, Must Have Travel Items

I’ve found that there are certain things that I absolutely need when travelling. Other than the obvious (clothes, money, make-up & passport) the items below are things that I find are nonnegotiable travel items.


So here are 7 things I cannot travel without:- 

  1. Macbook Air/iPad Mini/iPhone (Smartphone)
    Can you tell that I’m a little bit Apple addicted? It’s not intentional really, I just find that once I’ve learnt how to  use an iPhone, an iPad was easy to just get and use, the same with a MacBook Air. In terms of travelling I find that having at least one of the above items (maybe it’s cheating grouping all of these together in this list, but oops!) makes travelling so much easier. You can download all your essential travel apps, stay in contact back home, use the internet, save, edit and back-up your photos and in my case, post all about your travels! Don’t forget to protect all your gadgets with cases and covers as well!

  2. Travel Wallet
    Perfect for keeping all your important documents, receipts, cards and importantly Passport safe and all together. Wallets with extra card slots, coin zips and tabs (Passport, Cash, Documents etc.) are my personal favourite as they keep me organised without me having to do anything else. Although some travel wallets can be quite bulky, shop around and find one that’s your own personal preference.


    Purchase Kate Hill Travel Wallets. 2014.

  3. Travel Journal & Pen
    Even though I write posts online about my travels, I still like the old traditional style of ‘journaling’ with pen to paper. I write more personal entries in my journal as well that none of my readers would be interested in reading on this site anyways! (Trust me, you don’t want me to post about my Skype back home, my travel buddies snoring, the cute door greeter at the hotel or how I broke my heels).


    Purchase ‘Explore’ Pen & Journals. (Above Journal was purchased at the Air & Space Museum, Washington, D.C. 2014

  4. Eye Mask
    A god-send when travelling! Some hotel rooms just don’t have curtain quite dark enough to block out that sunrise when you want to sleep in and that person in front of you on the plane wanting to have their reading light on the entire flight. Your eye mask is your best friend for sleeping soundly.


    Purchase at a variety of stores. 2014

  5. Watch
    Nowadays many people rely on phones and gadgets for digital time. However, I still love traditional analog watches and telling the time the ‘old fashioned way’. I’m obsessed with my MichaelKors watch and it easily dresses up an outfit, although I wear mine nearly everyday anyways.


    Purchase Michael Kors watches. 2014.

  6. Camera
    An absolute must have and in my opinion, a totally given travel item. I simply do not understand people who claim they ‘aren’t a photo person’ as I love flicking through all my photos from all of my adventures and just everyday moments. I purchased my Canon Powershot SX280HS at the end of 2013 and it is perfect for me as I am not a professional photographer but still want to capture good quality photos. It also has wi-fi capabilities so it’s a matter of me downloading the Canon app and sending my photos from my camera to my devices, easy!


    Purchase Canon cameras. 2014

  7. Earphones
    I chop and change often about whether I preferEarPods (inside ear earphones) or headphones (outside ear earphones) but my Apple earphones that came with my iPhone have been incredibly handy. You can adjust the volume without touching your device and also use them for hands free with a built-in speaker. Your earphones will be another travel best friend, especially on those trains and flights when you just want to drown out everyone else or in your hotel room when you just want some chill-out time whilst your travel buddies are sleeping.


    Purchase Apple EarPods. 2014


There you have it, the items I simply must/no matter what/no exceptions have when I travel! I always store these in my handbag or carry-on luggage when I fly as an extra precaution, just in case.
Let me know what items you simply cannot do without when you’re travelling below!

All posts are by GlobalWhispers2014 and are entirely my own opinions, views and experiences.


One thought on “My Nonnegotiable, Must Have Travel Items

  1. My Zara scarf! I bought it overseas and literally took it on all my flights, train trips, ferry rides! It is thin and long so it was a great throw over when the air-conditioner was a bit too cold!


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