The Nation’s Capital, Washington D.C.

The capital city of the United State of America, Washington, formerly the District of Columbia, is home to around 600,000 people including some of the most famous people in American history having each President of the United States live and work here. With the famous Smithsonian museums, the chance to see the President and his family at the White house and the Washington Monument, Washington, D.C. doesn’t fail to deliver for tourists.


The White House. 2014. Photo Credit: K.Allan

When I visited Washington D.C. in January 2014, it was in the middle of a freezing polar vortex, recording some of the lowest temperatures in 17 years, however, that didn’t stop me from exploring Washington D.C. and all it has to offer and so, here is my top 7 attractions in Washington D.C.:-

  1. The White House
    Built in 1792, The White House is one of the most famous buildings in the world. The office and residency for all President’s of the United States and their families and is always heavily guarded with some of the worlds most important intel inside. Whilst tours are only organised through local congress members if you are an American resident or through your home country embassy (well in advance).
  2. Capitol Building
    Representing the American Government, this building is where the government meet to discuss legislature and houses some of the a collection of important American Art. This iconic building is a great photo opportunity as you can get up close to the building and enter inside its visitor centre for more information and tours.
  3. Washington Monument
    The famous Obelisk has been a centre point in recent films such as White House Down & Olympus Has Fallen (although not necessarily in a good way), however exploring this monument is a must do. Whilst recently being closed for restoration purposes, it re-opened in May 2014 for tourists to visit the top floor (500 feet or 150 metres) for an incredible view of Washington D.C. and a museum on the floor below.
Washington Monument. 2014. Photo Credit: A Barton.

Washington Monument. 2014. Photo Credit: A Barton.

  • Abraham Lincoln Memorial
    In 1922 the memorial was dedicated to the great man himself and has since had tourists swarm to it. With the reflecting pool just outside, the memorial is an amazing photo opportunity, especially at sunrise and sunset.
  • Malcolm X Park
    Formally known as Meridian Hill Park, this park features the largest cascading fountain in North America, a memorial for former President James Buchanan and incredible statues.
  • International Spy Museum
    Experiencing on of the most fun and interactive museums in Washington, D.C. should definitely be on your to do list. Enter the fictional country Khandar as a spy and have a look at some of the great villains from the James Bond movies.
  • The Smithsonian
    For those who don’t know the Smithsonian’s are a group of museums and research centres including 19 museums and galleries, a National Zoo and 9 research facilities. The Smithsonian Museums are fantastic, with amazing exhibitions especially at the Air & Space Museum and the American History museum. Did I mention all of the museums are free?

Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. 2014. Photo Credit: A.Barton

Washington D.C. is more than just politics and congress, check it out for yourself!

All posts are by GlobalWhispers2014 and are entirely my own opinions, views and experiences.


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