7 Things I’ve Learned From Travelling

Everyone says it, you truly find yourself travelling. You see quotes on Pinterest and Instagram time and time again like;

“Travel is the only thing you buy that truly makes you richer”

“Live with no excuses, travel with no regrets”

“Travel – It leaves you speechless and turns you into a storyteller”

But it’s not a cliché, it’s not a lie, there are things you’ll never learn about the world, about yourself, about other people, unless you take that leap of faith and travel the paths unknown.


Swimming with Dolphins, Cancun. 2014. Photo Credit: Dolphinaris

So here are 7 of the things I have learned since my first overseas adventure 2 years ago:- 

  1. You can do this
    I guess one if the biggest things I’ve learned from travelling is that leaving home for 1 month, 6 weeks, 2 months, to travel places that you haven’t been is nerve-racking. But totally worth it and you can do it! Just book that flight, decide on a destination and go for it.
  2. The world is a big place
    And there’s so much more of it I want/need to see. It really puts into perspective how small of a person you are, yet how much of an impact we all can make.
  3. Learn to compromise
    I haven’t travelled solo yet, so my trips overseas have always been journey’s with other people. However, there is much to learn travelling with others. I admit, I’m stubborn at times, but you have to learn to negotiate so that you all enjoy the trip together and everyone is happy. And there’s nothing wrong with taking some time out and being by yourself for a bit!
  4. You miss home a teeny bit
    While you’re off having the time of your life your friends and family are back home wondering how you are, if you’re safe, wishing they were there with you. It really makes you appreciate the people who care about you, and it’s nice to have people interested in your photos and stories as you go along. You’ll also realise how much you take home cooked meals, mum doing some of your laundry and your wardrobe for granted!
  5. People aren’t all bad
    Having worked in retail for 8 years, it’s easy to lose faith in humanity due to some inconsiderate and grumpy people out there. Travelling really opens your eyes to how giving and friendly people all over the world can be. Sure, not everyone you meet will be peachy, but more often than not people are willing to give you directions, recommend somewhere to go and help you out if you need it.
  6. Hard work pays off
    I haven’t had my trips handed to me on a silver platter by any means. I worked casually saving during university and then full-time in a retail store once I had graduated in order to travel. And every cent saved, dinner missed, cup noodles instead of dinner date with the girls and home packed lunch instead of those delicious food court lunches was worth what I got to enjoy overseas instead.
  7. I really, really love it
    Whether it’s looking back at my photos, telling someone a story, standing at an attraction I’ve only dreamed of going to, lying in yet another hotel bed or writing on this site, travel is honestly the thing that makes me happiest. There is nowhere I wouldn’t want to go!

Whistler Village. 2013. Photo Credit: A.Barton

There is so much more I have learnt from my experiences, but so much more still to learn from where I am yet to go!

Leave your comments below about how travelling has changed you guys! I’d love to hear about it.

All posts are by GlobalWhispers2014 and are entirely my own opinions, views and experiences.


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