Sin City… Las Vegas

Are you feeling lucky? Las Vegas is known for its incredible casinos, gambling, shopping and partying all night. With TV show Las Vegas creating plenty of interest in the city (not that it really needed anymore), this city in the middle of the desert has been a tourist hotspot for decades.


Bellagio Fountain. 2014. Photo Credit: K.Allan

The ‘Glitter Strip’ is the hub of Las Vegas lined with billion dollar casinos, shopping malls and restaurants. Discussing each casino and my favourites is a post of its own, so here are my top 7 attractions in Las Vegas:-

  1. Bellagio Fountain
    One of the most iconic tourist attractions on the strip, the Bellagio fountain thrills tourists with its spectacular shows occurring every 15 or 30 minutes depending on the day and time of day. With parts of the fountain spraying up to 140 metres high and different songs and fountain patterns each time, its worth sticking around for a couple of shows.
  2. The Stratosphere
    The best place to view the city is from the observation deck at the Stratosphere Hotel, Casino & Tower. At 1149 feet high (approximately 350 metres), the Stratosphere tower is the tallest freestanding tower in the United States. Not only does it have amazing views, it also has 4 of the most terrifying thrill rides you will find for you to try, if you dare (I did not dare!).
  3. New York, New York Roller Coaster
    Walking through the casino to get to the roller coast will really feel like you’re walking the street of New York City. Once on the roller coaster you’ll zoom past the Statue of Liberty in little yellow taxi carts and experience the world’s first 180 degree heart line twist and dive. The perfect way to kickstart your adrenalin for approximately US$14!

New York, New York! Roller Coaster. 2014. Photo Credit: A.Barton

  • Cirque du Soleil
    8 of the amazing Cirque du Soleil shows can be seen in Las Vegas. With incredible performances including Mystere (Treasure Island), O (Bellagio) & Zumanity (New York New York, which I personally saw), Cirque du Soleil is worth the ticket, is throughly entertaining and leaves you wondering how exactly they can twist and turn their bodies the way they do.
  • Outlet Shopping Malls
    Outlet shopping at its best! With premium shopping malls at the North and South ends of the strip, both have incredible designers, boutiques and all your favourite stores to snatch up a bargain, or two, or three…
  • Nightclubs
    Even if you’re not a fan of nightclubs, just checking a couple of them out is an experience itself. No expense is spared in some of the most popular clubs on the strip including XS (Wynn), The Bank (Bellagio), Marquee (The Cosmopolitan) and Encore (Wynn) to name a few. Usually there are promoters along the strip and in the casino to score VIP entry and drinks for free.
  •  Freemont Street
    Considered to be ‘old Las Vegas’, Freemont street still swarms with tourists visiting the casinos and entertainment amongst the 5 block area. It’s here you can visit the ‘Golden Nugget’, get your photo with US$1 million and most popularly watch the free Viva Vision light show. At 1500 feet long (around 450 metres), and on the roof above, watching the light show is a Vegas must do!


    Viva Vision Light Show, Freemont Street. 2013. Photo Credit: A.Pearce.

Vegas is everything you imagined and more and should definitely be on your list of places to visit, I promise!

All posts are by GlobalWhispers2014 and are entirely my own opinions, views and experiences.




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