Packing In A Nutshell…

It’s probably the last thing you think about when planning your global adventure, but packing cleverly for your trip is crucial! Not only do you have weight restrictions on most flights and tours, but you need room to fit all your new souvenirs and shopping goodies along the way!


So let me help you get prepared with my Top 7 tips for packing:

  1. Plan ahead
    I cannot stress this enough, don’t leave packing for your 2 month adventure to the night before you leave! Chances are you’ll be missing items, clothes won’t be washed and you’ll be overwhelmed trying to think of what you need for the entire time.
  2. Make a list
    By writing a list of the specific items you’ll need for your trip, you’ll be able to cross them off as you purchase them/find them amongst your things and know that you have the essentials. Even compare with your travel companions if you aren’t travelling solo so that you can share some items, like hair straighteners.
  3. Take what you have, then cut it in half
    As a girl who loves shopping I know how hard this can be, but honestly, do you really need the winter coat when the chances of you being in the cold are nearly nil? Will you really wear that top now that you’re on holidays even though you haven’t worn it in 2 years? Exactly. It can go.
  4. Toiletries
    If you’re staying in fairly nice hotels and don’t have super sensitive skin or hair then consider leaving your shampoos, skin care products and body wash at home to make use of the (usually) free amenities in your room. It’ll save you precious luggage space and the chance of shampoos exploding in your bag.
  5. Carry on bags
    Make use of the fact that majority of airlines allow you to take on a fairly large carry on bag. Pack this with all your valuables to ensure that, if your luggage (god forbid) gets lost in transit, you don’t have to stress about your precious laptop or watch etc. being lost possibly for good. It also helps keep your suitcase weight down, which can be handy when you’re verging on the limits.
  6. Roll your clothes
    I personally find that this creates a lot more space in my bag in comparison to folding them. Also, pack your shoes like they are in the shoebox and line them on the bottom of your bag.
  7. Weigh your bag whenever you can
    This helps to save time and embarrassment at the airport when your bag is 7kgs too heavy and you’re forced to decide whether to pay the extra baggage charge, frantically swap items into your carry on or unfortunately ditch some of your possessions.

Hope this helps with everyone’s least favourite travel requirement. Clever packing before and during your trip will save you frustration and allow you more time to enjoy your trip.

All posts are by GlobalWhispers2014 and are entirely my own opinions, views and experiences.


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